The Gaines' New Target Bath Collection Looks More Boutique Than Budget

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Believe it or not, not even we sit around feeling enthused over bathroom accessories on the day-to-day. They're usually pretty uninspired, to be honest. So the fact that we're feeling this excited over Hearth & Hand With Magnolia's new modern farmhouse bath offerings is ... refreshing. You can see the care and thought Joanna has put into each and every piece, ranging from soaps to towel racks, and that's something we always appreciate in the Gaines' Target line.

Below, some of the stand-out pieces that (in our humble opinion) look like boutique finds, but at Target prices.

1. Bath Towel with Tassel in Black/White, $5.99

2. Towel Rack in Brass or Black, $13.99

3. Soap Dispenser in Cream, $12.99

4. Vanity Mirror, $17.99

5. Bath Canister in White or Black, $12.99

6. Bathroom Tray with Lid, $16.99

7. Bathroom Towel Bar and Shelf, $42.99

8. Orange Amber Air Freshener, $8.99

9. Fir and Leather Hand Soap, $16.99

10. Small Bath Canister in Gray, $3.99

11. Fir and Leather Bath Salt, $12.99

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