Amazon and Costco Are Dueling It out With Their Valentine's Day Rose Deals

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Will you accept this rose deal? Sorry, sorry — that's the first and last "Bachelor" joke in this article, we promise.

There has been much buzz around Costco's Kanye-style Valentine's Day rose special of 50 red stem roses for only $49.99. So can Amazon just let Costco have its day? No, of course not. Amazon has just announced their own V-Day rose special, which means that you now have some decisions to make.

So, how do these two seemingly similar deals compare? Regular (non-Prime) customers can purchase two dozen roses (in a variety of colors) for $24.99. If you buy four dozen, you're at the same price point as Costco, but with two fewer roses in your bundle. So you're actually spending more. But here's where things get better: Prime members can snag two dozen for only $19.99 — a better deal than Costco's. This deal is available now through Valentine's Day, and you just need to use this coupon.

There are two small catches, though. First, only the first two dozen roses qualify for the $19.99 discount. The additional two dozen (creating a bouquet of 48) will ring up as $24.99. Even so, the cost-per-rose with the Prime deal is very slightly lower than with the cost-per-rose at Costco. (Phew, that was a lot of math for us!) Second, these roses can only be purchased in person at Whole Foods or Whole Foods 365 stores (which are owned by Amazon), so if your city doesn't have any, you're out of luck. On the other hand, the Costco equivalent can be ordered online and with free shipping.

So, which will you go for?

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