Are Detachable Living-Room Cars the Future?

credit: Honda

Picture this: A car that snaps into place on your home and functions as an additional living space. With self-driving cars gaining speed, this concept may become a reality. The idea is that if you don't need to spend time driving your own car, then its interior can become more configured toward hanging out with family and friends.

At the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, Honda proposed a detachable living-room self driving car called le-Mobi, according to PSFK, that seems straight out of the future. "Le" means "home" in Japanese, and "mobi" is short for "mobility," according to PSFK. This dreamed-up car can supply both electricity and entertainment information from car to house, and vice versa. When you're ready to head out, the car detaches from your home with you inside it. Sounds pretty practical if you have guests over and need extra space or seating, if you ask us.

We're excited to see if Honda will decide to bring the concept to life once technology has caught up to imagination. Between robot mail carriers and home-car hybrids, the future is looking bright.

Carolin Lehmann

Carolin Lehmann

Carolin Lehmann is an Associate Editor at Hunker. She's a graduate of the Missouri School of Journalism and has previously written for HuffPost, Seventeen magazine, and a variety of local news outlets. As a studio apartment dweller, she's always on the lookout for new ways to decorate a rental on a budget.