These Are Pinterest's 10 Most Searched for Home Trends to Try in 2018

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If people are searching for it on Pinterest, that must mean it's having a moment. This is why Pinterest's recent release of its most searched for home-related terms has us on the edge of our seats.


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The home section on Pinterest has been growing with a 75 percent increase in pins year over year, and it's been shown that Pinners spend 27 percent more on decor than individuals who don't use Pinterest. Interesting. Read on to learn what these home enthusiasts are searching for most (in no particular order), and be sure to try the 10 trends out yourself this year.

1. Resort-inspired Style

Honestly, who wouldn't want their home to feel like the spa? Saves for "spa bathrooms" have gone up 269 percent. Make your bathroom feel straight out of a resort by incorporating natural materials such as wood, luxurious towels, and leafy-green plants.

2. Metallics

Mixed metals, to be exact. Saves for "mixed metals" have gone up 423 percent. Mixing metals eliminates the pressure to be matchy-matchy, and that's something we can definitely get on board with.


This flooring that was well-loved in the '70s is making a comeback, and in all kinds of locations, including the ceiling. Searches for "terrazzo" have gone up 316 percent. Learn how to make your own terrazzo floors here.


4. Statement Ceilings

What a great way to add impact. Statement ceilings can involve unexpected paint colors, patterned wallpaper, or intricate texture. Saves for the trend have gone up 310 percent.

5. Bone Inlay

Some find that bone inlaid tiles add just the right touch of luxury. Saves for the term went up 207 percent.

6. Wood

Wood here, wood there, wood everywhere! Whether on wall tiles or flooring, shades of grey and herringbone patterns are where it's at. Saves for "herringbone patterns" rose by 131 percent, for example. Learn everything you need to know about caring for hardwood floors here.

7. Statement Doors

This involves colorful paint, or even a funky doormat. Saves for "colorful doors" have gone up 121 percent. Painting your front door is an easy DIY project. Learn about what type of paint you should use here.


8. Patterned Plants

People are so past plain green. Saves for "patterned plants" with multicolored foliage, such as prayer plants, have gone up 533 percent.

9. Big Wall Art

This one totally confirms a prediction in our Top Home Trends of 2018 report. Called it! While gallery walls are funky-fun, design lovers are increasingly drawn to XXL photography prints, works of art, and the like. Saves for "big wall art" have gone up 637 percent. Learn how to properly hang wall art yourself here.

10. Sage

Sage green is the natural, almost-neutral shade that adds peace to any space. Saves for it have gone up by 170 percent. Learn what colors work well with sage green here.