A Floral Chandelier Is the Finishing Touch You Don't Know Your Special Event Needs

When it comes to creating a decor scheme for an event, there are some basic elements to keep in mind: place settings, flowers, lighting, etc. But what about combining two categories into one? Case in point: The floral chandelier, which was just identified by Elle Decor as an emerging trend. Floral chandeliers? Our boho-loving hearts can't even with this news. How magically whimsical!

What is the right time and place for a floral chandelier, you may ask? Your wedding. A baby shower. Your cat's birthday party. You know.

Here's some floral chandelier inspiration to show your florist:

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Is your event in the winter? That doesn't mean a floral chandelier is out of the question. Just go for darker hues.

Will you accept this rose? Allow some roses to dangle downward vertically off your floral chandelier for that extra special touch.

Or just have all the flowers and greenery on your chandelier fall downward.

Simply stunning. Greens and roses make a for perfectly romantic wedding chandelier.

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But a slightly wild and undone chandelier offers just as much charm, too.

Floral chandeliers can help lend a rustic touch.

Opt for peonies in your chandelier for a fresh spring or summer look.

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An attention-grabbing chandelier frame can add an extra special touch.

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Who says your chandelier has to be hung from the ceiling? Try hanging it from a tree!

Carolin Lehmann

Carolin Lehmann

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