This Whimsical Brooklyn Row House Is Designed With Cats in Mind

credit: BFDO

This row house in Brooklyn that was renovated by the Barker Freeman Design Office (BFDO) is a cat lover's dream. The owners, a professor and library administrator, respectively, kept their "two shy but inquisitive cats" in mind when planning their remodel, and you've cat to be kidding us: It's adorable.

cat house
credit: BFDO

Their home offers "cat circulation routes," according to BFDO, which include trap doors for feline access to the second floor and a climbable bookshelf.

living room diorama
credit: BFDO

This row home's cat accessibility isn't its only quirky feature, either. There's a mini front door inset in the living room's shelf wall that matches the row home's and opens to a diorama of a living room. This dream world was designed by one of the owners using their collection of tiny objects.

studio nest
credit: BFDO

There's also a skylit "nest" in the upstairs studio. It's a space that was designed to write and think in, and was formed from "recycled dimensional lumber and wood elements recycled from the house," according to BFDO.

A home for book lovers and cats is right up our alley. The only thing that could make this place even more legendary is cat furniture that matches the owners', we'd say.