Could You Imagine Having Mail Delivered to Your Door by a Robot?

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The mail carriers of Bad Hersfeld, Germany are about to feel slightly less resentful over schlepping citizens' millionth online orders to their doorsteps. Why? Because their town is the new test site for the Deutsche Post's "PostBOTs."

PostBOTs can carry up to six post trays at a time and are designed to accompany mail deliverers to doorsteps. This reduces quite a bit of physical strain, naturally.

"We're constantly working on new solutions to allow our employees to handle this physically challenging work even as they continue to age," said Jürgen Gerdes, the CEO of the Post eCommerce Parcel division at the Deutsche Post DHL Group.

The PostBOTs have sensors that track the legs of their mail carriers, which helps them follow automatically. They can navigate around obstacles and stop when needed. PostBOTs can also be used in all weather conditions, which is definitely needed in rainy Germany.

The test of the PostBOTs will run for approximately six weeks, after which there will be an assessment. The insights from this assessment will then lead to another round of tests and improvements. We wonder how long it will take for robots to show up at our doorsteps stateside.

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