This Former Apple Designer's Bitmap-Inspired Housewares Are So Chic

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Old computer graphics and housewares seem like an unlikely pairing, but color us surprised. Former 1980s Apple computer fonts and icon designer Susan Kare has released a textile line for Areaware and it totally works.

The line includes placemat, coaster, tea towel, and napkin sets. The majority of these bitmap textiles come in neutrals and in black and white, but there's also a complementary yellow-green option. Kitchens with black accents are totally on trend at the moment, so these pieces would fit in flawlessly.

As it turns out, computers and the Jacquard loom, which was used to create Kare's textiles, have a shared past. The Jacquard loom is an early example of computer-controlled machinery, dating back to 1801. There are significant parallels between weaving and pixels, in that both rely on the idea of a grid spread across the surface of a medium. That makes bitmaps and Jacquard loom textiles a match made in heaven.

Every set in this range comes in under $60 and is made of 100 percent organic cotton. Check it out below.

Placemat — Color Set of Four ( $54 )

Tea Towel — Color Waves/Drops Set of Two ( $26 )

Napkin — Black/White Set of Four ( $36 )

Coaster — Color Set of Four ( $10 )

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