This New Ikea AR App Is Literally the Future

ikea place
credit: Ikea

You know that dizzying room full of lamps in every possible shape and size at Ikea? Yeah, it's totally overwhelming. Thankfully, there's officially a new way to manage that maze of options: the Ikea Place app.

Ikea Place is a free augmented reality (AR) app that scans the floor in your space and allows you to virtually place over 2,000 3D Ikea products to scale. That means no more trying to imagine what will work in your space only to have to return it.

The app will be available in the Apple store starting late September, and you'll need iOS 11 to enjoy it fully. It will automatically scale products based on your room dimensions with 98 percent accuracy. Additionally, it'll allow you to see the texture of the fabric on pieces and how light and shadows are rendered on every item.

ikea app
credit: Ikea

Once you're done designing your dream space, there's an option to share your room with others. It's official: we're living in the future, friends.