Ikea's Solution For Keeping Its Catalogs From Getting Stolen Is Hilarious

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If you didn't know that Ikea catalog thievery is an issue, now you do. So much so, apparently, that Ikea has fashioned printable fake magazine covers for Italian shoppers to slip over their catalogs to throw off pesky thieves. These silly magazine covers feature snooze-worthy topics such as taxidermy, lawnmowers, teddy bears, and more.

See some of them for yourself:

The magazine cover printables can be found on the Ikea Italy website, free of charge. Allow Paul J. Griffith, "Executive Problem Solver" at Ikea, to explain the concept further:

Ikea catalogs can be swiped anywhere, per Mr. Griffith: work, your mailbox...even in your very own home. Moral of the story: If you have a crisp, new Ikea catalog in your possession, hold it close, or at least give it a teddy bear magazine makeover, for goodness' sake.

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