How to Clean Concrete Garage Floors

Concrete garage floors can become quite dirty and stained from dripping motor oil, paint spills, sawdust, errant lawn clippings and dirt. Thoroughly cleaning your concrete garage floor once or twice a year will make it a more healthy and comfortable place for you and your family. The task of cleaning your concrete garage floor may seem daunting, but with the right materials, equipment and elbow grease, you can accomplish this without much difficulty.

Clean Concrete Garage Floors

Step 1

Remove all items from the garage floor and from in front of the garage.

Step 2

Place kitty litter or sawdust over oil and grease stains for 24 hours to absorb as much of the substances as possible.

Step 3

Open the garage door for ventilation, and use a push broom to completely sweep the kitty litter or sawdust and other debris from the garage floor. Place the swept debris in the trash.

Step 4

Pour dishwasher detergent or a high-grade, non-hazardous concrete cleaning solution, such as Novion Universal Concrete Cleaner (see Resources), onto any stains and let it sit for several minutes. Vigorously scrub the stains with a stiff-bristled nylon brush.

Step 5

Spray the entire concrete garage floor with a garden hose on its harshest sprayer nozzle setting, or with a power washer that has at least 1,200 pounds of pressure psi (per square inch). Push the dirty water out of the garage with the hose or power washer, preferably onto the lawn or a dirt area. (See Warnings).

Step 6

Squeegee as much water from the garage floor as possible, and allow it to thoroughly air dry before placing items on it.