How to Make Your R.C. Car Go Faster With the Same Motor

A radio controlled car or RC car is capable of reaching some fast speeds right out of the box. For those who race their cars on the asphalt or road courses though, they need their cars to go even faster. It's not surprising to see a car hitting top speeds of over 70 miles per hour at one of these races. There are several ways you can make your RC car go faster with the same motor, whether you're running a nitro engine or an electric car.

Step 1

Change out your usual grease and switch to a lighter oil like WD-40 to lubricate the interior components. Your manual will probably tell you to use grease, but experts know that WD-40 works much better. This helps the transmission work better and it also keeps the other parts of your engine from getting clogged up.

Step 2

Run an electric motor for two hours while connected to a 3-volt battery or power supply. This causes the brushes to change shape and mold to the shape of the armature. It reduces any friction that the engine might have between the armature and the bearings.

Step 3

Break in the motor if you have a nitro car by taking it outside for a few hours when you first install the engine. Remove the body from the car and run it around the yard for a few hours at a lower speed. Continue running it at slow speeds until you run through at least two tanks of fuel. This allows the carburetor to warm up to faster speeds and clears out the engine.

Step 4

Check the gears and any part inside the RC car that rotates to make sure they're moving correctly and moving freely. Even one part that moves too slow or gets stuck will cause your car to slow down dramatically. If you see anything moving incorrectly, clean it carefully with compressed air and replace it if needed.

Step 5

Spend some time practicing the handling of your car out on the track. If you want your car to go faster, then you probably plan on racing it or you've been racing it. The winner of the race isn't necessarily the person with the best car, but the person who has the best handling car and can best tackle the track. Find ways to get around the track easier and you'll get faster lap times.