Byredo's Upcoming Collaboration With Ikea Actually Makes Complete Sense

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Sometimes, when a ideal partnership occurs, it almost feels like destiny — as if many different little decisions intertwined with just the right amount of time to make magic happen. And while this sentiment is most often applied to romance, it also works with the upcoming collaboration between Byredo and Ikea.

Before you groan, hear us out: the cult-favorite perfume collection's founder, Ben Gorham, has much more in common with the budget brand than a shared penchant for minimalism. First off, the company has already ventured into the home space. And this new line is still set to explore how "home" has its own reassuring notes. But while specifics are still under wraps, its existence also seems to be a long time coming given Gorham's history.

We'll see what scents Byredo comes up with for its partnership with Ikea.

After graduating from art school in Stockholm, Gorham decided to devote his energy to scents rather than canvases. He was drawn to the way a smell could transport a person, and he liked how the spark of a memory could be contained to the spray from a jar. In fact, before Gorham launched Byredo, he started with scented candles — and he even used Ikea glasses to house them.

Sure, maybe we're reading into things. Perhaps it's only natural that a guy with an art degree would have more than one creative interest. But what we like about this partnership, what we think connects so well with Gorham's past, is that he gets on an olfactory level what Ikea knows on a design level: home is a feeling as well as a place.