Framebridge and CB2's Partnership Is Good News for Your Gallery Wall

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Starting this week, it's no longer just hip to be square — it's downright easy, too. Thanks to a new partnership between the buzzworthy custom art outfitters at Framebridge and the established style trendsetters at CB2, it's now possible to create a coveted gallery wall without the pitfalls of time or effort.

Framebridge, the company that's created a name for itself in the last three years as a one-stop-shop for affordable art frames, has teamed up with the modern retailer to unveil a 43-piece collection that is ready made for those with modern tastes and an abundance of blank walls. Five artists contributed to the capsule in a range of varying styles, from impressionist to typographical and bold to subdued, so that each owner's collection could be as personal as she pleases.

Prices range from $149 to $349, and can be purchased at CB2's simultaneously new print gallery. The full line will be available in stores on July 1. See below to get a glimpse of the art we're most excited about.

Beverly by Kate Worum ( starting at $149 )

Strip Mining by Benjamin Grant of Daily Overview ( starting at $199 )

Bass Harbor by Amber Vittoria ( starting at $149 )

Uptown Off Road by Leslee Mitchell ( starting at $199 )

Pet Shopping by Amber Vittoria ( starting at $149 )