Stop Sighing, Because Kohler Can Make Your Dream Bathroom a Reality

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For most design lovers, a "dream bathroom" is exactly that: a seemingly unattainable look that can only appear in magazines or on Pinterest feeds. But Kohler, the classic outfitter of this particular space, has found a way to make personalized spa-like spreads a reality.

The company's newly released digital design services match shoppers with in-house experts to — you guessed it — create a dream bathroom in three steps. First, the budget is assessed, and then style and project goals are discussed. After, the suggested items are reviewed and rendered into a 3D layout. Finally, a sample box of materials and a detailed shopping list are delivered to the customer's door, so a thoughtful overhaul can begin. Who knew it was so easy to make a dream into a reality?

While this will set you back $399, it's a smart solution for outfitting this room just right. Here's what should be on your list of must-haves if you decide to go for it.

Jute Wall Hung Vanity Cabinet ($2,289.85)

Rêve Comfort Height One-Piece Toilet ($1,371.55)

Choreograph Wall Panel ($999.40)

Marabou Vanity ($2,858.10)

Underscore Freestanding Bath ($5,224)