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Lestoil is a household cleaner manufactured by the Clorox Company. It's commonly used to clean and neutralize greasy spills and spatters from a variety of fabrics and services. Because Lestoil is concentrated, you only need a little at a time. However, it's important to note Lestoil has a strong pine and petroleum smell. Take caution when using this cleaner on porous fabrics and surfaces as the smell may not come out.


Active Ingredients

Lestoil's active ingredients include pine oil, which is used for both its cleaning and fragrance properties; sodium hydroxide, a caustic alkaline found in certain soaps; and Stoddard solvent, an organic, paraffin-based solvent used for cleaning paint. Lestoil contains no chlorine bleach. Keep Lestoil away from children and pets. Use in a responsible manner and never mix with other cleansers.

Where to Purchse Lestoil

Lestoil isn't sold everywhere. While some hardware stores and supermarkets sell Lestoil, it's much easier to find online. Ordering Lestoil by the case may help defray shipping costs, but Lestoil is concentrated and will last a long time. Lestoil's shelf life is 18 months.


Lestoil for Household Cleaning

Lestoil is best known for its ability to remove greasy stains from a variety of surfaces. To clean counters, some cabinets, floors, walls and other approved surfaces, follow the directions on the bottle. Pour Lestoil into a bucket of water and use a sponge or mop to clean the desired area. Lestoil is not recommended for glass or wood floors. To use more often, dilute Lestoil in a spray bottle filled with water. You can use Lestoil for kitchen spills, to wipe walls, and clean greasy carpet stains.

Lestoil in the Garage and Workshop

Lestoil may be used for a variety of chores in workshops and the garage. Soak paint brushes in a container filled with Lestoil to remove paint and soften the bristles. Full strength Lestoil may be used as a garage floor scrub to remove grease and oil stains from concrete. Car buffs also use Lestoil to clean engines and other areas in and around their vehicles. Prep walls for painting by cleaning with Lestoil first.


Lestoil for Laundry

Undiluted Lestoil may be used as a pretreatment for greasy stains on clothing; pour directly onto the offending area and let sit for 10 to 20 minutes. Lestoil poured straight into the washing machine will clean a heavy-duty load of laundry. Lestoil is also a powerful upholstery cleaner and may be used to remove stains from couches and chairs. Always test a hidden area first to ensure there's no adverse reaction.

Other Uses for Lestoil

Lestoil has other uses as well. It may be used to remove gum from clothing, furniture and hair, and it can be used undiluted to remove adhesive left behind by stickers and glue. Lestoil also removes tar from hands, clothes and many surfaces.



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