While a bath sheet and bath towel both accomplish the same purpose -- drying you off after a shower or bath -- there is one slight difference between the two: size. Bath sheets are quite a bit larger than the typical bath towel and possibly more absorbent, depending upon manufacturer, but otherwise they are the same.

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Bath towels are smaller than bath sheets.

Size Considerations

While there are no exact standards when it comes to size for bath towels and bath sheets, sheets are wider and longer than towels made by the same company. A typical bath towel may be 27 inches wide and 52 to 55 inches long, while a bath sheet is considerably larger at approximately 35 inches wide and 58 to 60 inches long.

Bath Towel Benefits

A bath towel tends to be less expensive than a similar quality bath sheet, primarily because it is smaller. Thanks to its smaller size, it also hangs nicely from a towel rack or towel bar when hung over the bar, and it takes up less space when folded and put away. A bath towel may be small enough to wrap around wet hair after washing your hair as well, while a bath sheet would most likely feel a bit bulky and unwieldy.

Bath Sheet Benefits

A bath sheet's extra size provides a feeling of comfort or luxury if you typically use bath towels. The larger size wraps around a child fresh out of the pool or tub well enough to keep him mostly covered, and the extra length provides enough material to wrap and tuck the sheet around an average adult body with ease. If drying off sometimes requires two bath towels, one bath sheet may do the trick for you while reducing the amount of items in your towel laundry loads.

Other Considerations

If you enjoy displaying matched hand towels, washcloths and bath towels in the bathroom, you may not always be able to find a bath sheet to match. Bath sheets are not always included in bath towel sets; instead, coordinate a bath sheet to pick up one of the colors in a patterned or solid-colored towel set. Since bath towels contain more fabric, less of them will fit in the washing machine at a time, so you may need to do an extra load of laundry if it contains more than a few bath sheets.