Godinger is an America based company that sells fine crystal glass, utensils made of tarnish resistant silver, Bohemian candle holder, stemware set and many other types of wedding favors and decorative wares. Godinger crystal is known for their quality, reputation and their uses in family celebration and tea parties with friends. Crystal platter for instance, is used for display of cakes, pastry and cookies in stylish presentation. Godinger distributes their lead crystal products on the company's official webpage as well as through a network of retailers: Macy's, Amazon.com and Dillards.com

A Crystal Decanter and High Ball Glasses

Godinger Lead Crystal and Light Reflection

Godinger lead crystal, beyond its reputation as a fine crystalware, is merely molten glass with machine precision or hand-crafted facets that enhance the glass's beauty by reflecting more light properties. Lead oxide combined with the man made facets of the molten glass gives the surface a higher than usual "index of refraction." Lead oxide also gives the glass more fiery sparks through added angle of internal and specular reflection.

Godinger Lead Crystal and Living Style

Stunning Godinger crystal ware is a nice addition to everyday life. A beautiful crystal vase could compliment the spring flowers and home grown roses from your garden. They are also a must for tea parties, birthday celebration and holiday dinners. Many magazines feature decoration tips on crystal ware including the different models of Godinger crystal: Adlephia, Barcelona, Dublin and Freedom.

Unique features of Godinger Crystal

There are interesting designs and feature of Godinger crystal that are worth considering. The company offers champagne chiller shaped like a mini bathtub on their website. Their exquisitely crafted Alexandra perfume bottle showcases contemporary elegance with deep wedge cuts on the medallion rim. Victorian makeup brush set has a tri-cut design on the handlers and some of the crystal bottles are adorned with black and white octagon crystal that creates a sharp sophisticated contract.

Care for Godinger Crystal

Godinger crystals are very delicate, especially when pressure is placed on the rim so avoid putting the piece upside down. Store the crystal in a location by itself. Avoid contacts with other objects in storage. Hand wash your crystal every time. Dust could scratch the delicate surface of the crystal so use soft lint cloth and mild detergent to carefully remove the dust. If haze remains on the crystal after thorough cleaning, repeat the process but replace mild detergent with Calcium Lime Rust (CLR) Remover or Lime-A-Way. Remove the residues of the cleaning solutions with hard water.

Health concerns

There are certain health risks associated with using lead crystalware. The amount of risk is dependent on the amount of lead contained in the ware, the choice and quantity of food choices and the amount of exposure the food or liquid has with the lead ware. Acidic food increases the amount of lead released from the crystal ware. Additionally, prolong usage of crystalware may lead to possible health risks. Researchers found higher lead concentrations in wine stored in crystal decanters. The concentration is higher for wine stored in the container for more than several weeks.

Safety Standard

Each country has a safety standard regulating hazardous products so be sure to review your country's guidelines regarding the permissible lead content before ordering crystal products. Lead poisoning may not be easily spotted as it may show signs similar to a flu. Lead that has not be eliminated by the body is stored in one's teeth and bone. It may cause issues during pregnancy, weaken immunity or when a bone is fractured.