16 Furniture Colors That Go With Gray Flooring

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Gray flooring is far from a passing fad; it's here to stay. From polished concrete to chic hardwood to imaginative patterned tile flooring, we are fans of it all. As a neutral, gray goes well with many colors, and because it comes in many shades and materials, it's friendly for spaces both large and small. Depending on the kind of flooring and accompanying furnishings you choose, you can achieve a room that suits many different personalities and interior design styles: industrial, bohemian, eclectic, traditional, contemporary, and modern, among others.


"I like the juxtaposition of a combination of styles in my work, so gray is a go-to for a solid, versatile foundation," says designer Blair Burton. "For the most durable gray flooring, a warm colored light gray stone with undulations and a light pattern is my preference."

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Burton sees gray as a more contemporary shade but notes its appeal in other design styles as well: "The coolness of gray flooring works well with the simple colors and lines of contemporary and minimalist interiors. But, a soft gray stone or wood flooring can look great in a traditional environment." In terms of choosing colors to go with gray, neutrals are among her picks: "I love a white with gray undertones when going contemporary and greige fabrics when using a muddier gray tone." Read on for Burton's tips on other color combos.


16 Furniture Colors for Gray Flooring

1. Black

You probably knew black would be on this list, especially if you like a minimal color palette. This dining area featuring light gray hardwood flooring shows what a chic statement you can make with the color black, which you can find on the railing, stairs, light fixture, and dining table and chairs. Notice how the black elements are thoughtfully spread throughout the space, adding definition to the entire room. Even the artwork on the wall follows this approach.


2. Beige

When combined, beige and gray create a soothing environment. Shades of beige that lean toward blush, like the one seen on this sofa, have a tinge of romance that can lighten the mood of a room with darker gray flooring. These two neutrals are also easy to pair with other colors and patterned pieces, such as the embroidered pillows and throw blanket shown here.



3. Navy Blue

Both cool shades, blue and gray always pair well together. In this basement room by Alanna Dunn of Reena Sotropa In House Design Group, the dove gray wool carpet flooring and navy blue furniture keep the mood of the room joyful year round for her client's young daughter: "I chose to include bright blue tones to bring a bit of life and vibrancy into the space," says Dunn. The colorful gallery wall also provides serious cheer.


4. Taupe

Taupe, like beige, is a friendly neutral that goes with many shades of gray. We like the mix of style influences in this room with concrete flooring — Southwestern pillows, a bit of Japandi with the taupe day bed and wood frame, and a midcentury stone lower wall beneath the window ledge. The main attraction is the view out the windows, and the simple decor lets it keep the spotlight.


5. Rust

In Oh Joy! designer Joy Cho's former studio space in Los Angeles's Frogtown neighborhood, the concrete floors provided a versatile foundation for her various shoots. If you're already a fan of her brand, you know she loves color, and the light flooring let them shine brightly. In this photo, velvet chairs and throw pillows provided a colorful place for guests to sit. You can see trademark Oh Joy! color blocking in action with the inspired pairings of rust and turquoise, and hot pink and royal blue.



6. Sage Green

The gray undertones of sage green make it an easy match for gray flooring. To add contrast, pair these two colors with white walls and black accents, like the tables and artwork in this space styled by Article. The sofa's wood base adds warmth here while the black and white paintings keep the eyes entertained.


7. Tan

For a rich and visually satisfying color balance, pair cool gray with warm tan or brown furniture. These leather seats with metal legs, combined with the cement floor and coordinating rug, create a midcentury-meets-industrial look. A block table in gold and charcoal tones add extra depth to the simple color combination. You could also introduce tan in the form of a couch, wooden coffee table, or sideboard.


8. Mahogany

Like tan, reddish-brown mahogany also balances beautifully with gray. This bathroom with mahogany cabinets and medium-gray flooring makes us believers in this pairing — while also proving that red-toned wood doesn't have to look old-fashioned. The flat fronts and floating design of these cabinets makes them look particularly stylish and modern.



9. Powder Blue

As you've probably noticed, many of these examples feature light neutral wall colors like white or cream alongside gray flooring. Why? Well, it's the simplest way to highlight your colorful furniture. Powder blue is a soft color, but white walls and pale gray cement flooring give it a chance to really pop. What we're drawn to most in this room is the interplay of textures: the tweedy couch upholstery, leather and wire chair, shag rug, and brick hearth — they add plenty of interest to this tidy, minimalist space.

10. White

All-white walls and furnishings create a minimalist and stylish look with gray hardwood floors. This monochrome color palette makes any outlier stand out, like the natural wood legs and black metal supports of this chair — and even the beige inside of the bowl. As for paint colors, Burton says, "For a simple gray floor, I would stick with a soft white on the walls with gray undertones. Benjamin Moore Silver Satin is always a winner. If we're going for a cozier, more traditional look with gray flooring, I love Benjamin Moore White Dove."

11. Teal

Blue-greens like turquoise and teal look great with gray. But if you're not ready for a loud statement in the form of an entire couch, for example, go for furniture with just a bit of accent color. While the legs of these vintage barstools blend in with the cement floors and stainless steel kitchen island, the teal upholstery adds personality to the entire room.


12. Metallic

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

Speaking of shiny objects, we love how a metallic piece can completely transform a room with otherwise muted furnishings. This side table wins in so many ways: its simple design, practical size (that tabletop is big enough to be more than just decorative), and rose gold finish. Metallic light fixtures work just as well to add luxurious shine to a room.

13. Gray

This midcentury-inspired living room is minimal and playful at the same time, thanks to the abstract art, sculptural pendant lights, varied planters and vases, and colorful, geometric cushions. The pale gray sofa coordinates nicely with the flooring, while also keeping the room looking bright and airy. A charcoal gray couch would work as well but have a different, more somber effect.

14. Cream

Studio McGee's reading corner displays a masterful layering of neutrals. The cream chair is slightly lighter than the several different shades of gray that frame it, creating a subtle and inviting contrast. Elements from nature — like the potted tree, trunk table, and plentiful light — make the space feel fresh and relaxing.

15. Pink

For an unexpected look, pair gray floors with hot pink furniture or cabinets, like Reena Sotropa In House Design Group did for this home gym in Calgary. "[This project was] a collaborative design effort with our friends [at] Maillot Homes," says Sotropa. "The hot pink tone of the millwork is an exact match to their brand color, which is a fun nod to the design team that brought the space to life." While hot pink isn't for everyone (though we dare you to try it!), more muted shades like blush, coral, and rose also look harmonious with gray.

16. Yellow

Like silver and gold, gray and yellow balance each other beautifully. In this living room designed by Lilly Bunn, a mustard yellow sofa warms up a mostly gray and white palette, while pink throw pillows add a romantic touch. The simple color scheme allows for bold pattern play in the area rug and curtains.

How to Choose Furniture Colors for Gray Flooring

As you decide on your color palette for your gray-floored room, consider these tips from designer Blair Burton, who has worked on many residential projects with gray flooring:

  • "When going for a more contemporary interior, I like pairing a heavy dose of white with pops of blue and orange against warm gray floors."
  • "Bright blues, especially by way of art or upholstery, work well with cool gray floors."
  • "For a more traditional home with light gray floors, we have used neutral-toned upholstery, leathers, and textural whites."
  • "Bright sunset tones with gray flooring can still feel modern in an interior but keep the room a bit warmer."
  • "In one of our more midcentury modern–inspired projects with dark gray floors, we pulled in orange, caramel, and navy blue to pop against the dark flooring. We also brought in an antique rug with reds and blues to tie it all together."

Pros & Cons of Gray Flooring

Like anything else, gray floors have their pros and cons. Here are some of the most important ones to keep in mind.


  • Classic, neutral, versatile
  • Can work with a variety of interior styles
  • Medium grays hide dirt and dust more than very dark or very light flooring colors
  • Can make smaller spaces appear larger
  • Concrete floors are more scratch- and dent-resistant than other flooring options


  • Can make a space feel cold in terms of palette (to prevent this, choose gray flooring with texture or warm undertones)
  • Materials like concrete and porcelain are harder than wood, so they're less friendly to breakable objects and less comfortable to stand on for long periods (to help with this consider laying down rugs)

Furniture Colors That Go With Gray Flooring

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

The versatility of gray is a big plus. As the literal foundation for a room, gray flooring can go well with many colors and design styles. Darker-hued furniture can create a contemplative mood, while lighter options offer an airier, more minimalist vibe. Layered neutrals always look sophisticated, but don't discount bold shades like hot pink or mustard yellow.

Here are some of the best colors for furniture to pair with gray floors of all kinds:

  • Black
  • Beige
  • Navy blue
  • Taupe
  • Rust
  • Sage green
  • Tan
  • Mahogany
  • Powder blue
  • White
  • Teal
  • Metallic
  • Gray
  • Cream
  • Pink
  • Yellow



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