10 Colors That Go With Blue and Gray

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With so many shades of gray and a plethora of blue tones, the combinations are seemingly endless when selecting one of each for your color scheme. Additionally, blue and gray palettes pair well with a wide variety of accent hues and fit in with just about any aesthetic — hence the duo's popularity in the world of interior design. The subtle combo has the ability to bring depth and color to a room without overpowering the space. Instead, blue and gray offer a sense of calm and tranquility.


​"I love the contrast between a very muted gray and bold splash of a bright blue ... it's like wearing all neutrals and an amazing bright blue belt," says designer Raili Clasen.

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So where do you even begin? That really depends on your decor style and the overall mood you want to evoke in your space. If you've been dreaming of a dark and moody bedroom, perhaps black is worth considering. However, if you prefer a light and airy space, orange or white might be the way to go. Referencing the color wheel to get a better idea of how different hues work together can be helpful when finalizing a palette. Don't forget to consider the undertones in your paint — if your walls are white or gray, they could lean more blue or yellow. Still feeling stumped? Not to worry.

Read on for some inspiring ideas that will help make your decision a little easier.

10 Blue and Gray Color Combinations

1. Navy Blue, Gray, and White

For a coastal vibe, blue, gray, and white are the perfect color combination. Follow the lead of Pure Salt Interiors and throw in woven elements — like the lighting and jute rug — for added texture and warmth. The navy blue grasscloth wallpaper really shines alongside clean white walls with blue undertones. Details such as the rope-style wall lamp and striped pillows nod to the seaside theme, while framed gray swim trunks and a charcoal throw at the foot of the bed offer neutral contrast.


2. Blue, Gray, and Rust

Blue and gray are two hues that work beautifully in a bedroom as proven by this dreamy design from Studio Rey. The matte gray paint color on the walls provides a quiet backdrop for the much bolder, rust-colored headboard. A pale blue blanket on top of white linens tempers the warm shade and complements the gray walls. Colorful accent pillows echo the headboard and act as the perfect finishing touches.



3. Navy Blue, Gray, and Black

If you really want to amp up the drama of a blue and gray color scheme, a dark color like black is definitely the way to go. TFAD Architects incorporated the inky hue in this modern bedroom and the finished result is stunning. The gray accent wall showcasing Cole & Son's Nuvolette wallpaper draws all attention toward the bed, which is topped with earthy brown linens and a black blanket. The navy blue walls add to the moody vibe and provide just a hint of color. Herringbone wood floors, decorative ceiling trim, and swanky lighting complete the scene.


4. Blue, Gray, and Mustard Yellow

Here's another blue and gray bedroom design for the win, but this time, it's from the team over at Arent & Pyke. The color scheme, while still moody, offers a slightly lighter approach thanks in part to the mustard yellow headboard, sky blue duvet cover, and jute rug. The gold and rust-colored pillows add additional warmth and interest. Black window trim and a matching blanket at the foot of the bed, plus the dark hardwood flooring, add a modern edge and punctuate the space.


5. Blue, Gray, and Orange

If you're looking to add a pop of color to any room, you can't go wrong with a vibrant shade of orange. And bonus: The hue will work especially well with blue palettes since orange is a complementary color (meaning it's on the opposite side of the color wheel). Keep in mind that a little goes a long way, as proven by this bedroom design. Here, a citrus-hued throw and patterned accent pillow warm up the cooler charcoal gray walls and light blue headboard.



6. Blue, Gray, and Cognac Brown

Play it safe with a neutral color like brown. Chango & Co. shows us how it's done in this beach-chic living room. The light and airy scheme feels sophisticated and inviting, due in part to the balance between warm and cool colors. While most of the space is bright white, a pair of gray lounge chairs and a large cognac leather sofa offer plenty of contrast. The rattan light fixture, blonde wood furniture, and sandy-hued area rug help ground the lofty seating area.


7. Blue, Gray, and Cream

Blue and gray might sound like a dark pairing, but that's not always the case, as proven by Studio Ashby in this bedroom. Here, the cream-colored walls and carpet set a warm and inviting tone while a gray headboard and charcoal nightstands add depth. A dark blue throw and orange pillow liven up the sleepy scheme without taking it over, and sleek brass pendants add a luxurious note.


8. Blue, Gray, and Pink

Bright colors are the name of the game in this moody living room by Jessica Helgerson Design. Here, dark wood millwork and a charcoal gray accent wall provide a neutral backdrop for the more vibrant pieces of home decor. The blue velvet sofa and matching club chairs compete for attention with a fuchsia lounge chair, pink throw pillows, and a large pink and blue work of art. A dark gray area rug adds to the dramatic scene, while simultaneously anchoring the bold setup.



9. Blue, Gray, and Green

In this monochrome industrial bedroom, different shades of gray — the charcoal headboard, concrete walls, and oversize triptych — are used to create texture and depth. Crisp white linens are host to navy blue and green accents, offering just a hint of color, so as not to distract from the eye-catching work of art.

10. Blue, Gray, and Light Wood

Since blue and gray are both cool colors, the combo can make interior spaces feel cold and uninviting in a hurry; unless, of course, you pair the duo with a warmer accent, such as wood. In this bathroom by Raili Clasen, light wood cabinets sandwich a light gray floating sink. Blue details — like the flooring, faucet, and even the trim on the pendant light — add an unexpected and fun pop to an otherwise serious color scheme, as well as complement the blue undertones that are oftentimes found in gray. "In this case, we used blue as our accent color because it does not clash with the solid gray." explains Clasen.

The Best Colors to Pair With Blue and Gray

Depending on your aesthetic and the overall vibe you're going for, the colors blue and gray can act as a great starting point. Whether it's coastal-chic, boho, or midcentury that you're aiming for, pairing certain shades with the neutral combo can either make or break your space. That being said, there are a few things to keep in mind when finalizing your colo palette.

Remember to consider the available lighting (both artificial and natural) in your space — if your room is already pretty dark, and you want to brighten it up, this might affect your color choice. Similarly, pay attention to the undertones of your wall paint — some shades lean more blue or yellow. Last but certainly not least, take time to refer to the color wheel to see the relationship between different hues. Now that we've supplied you with a little inspo and some helpful tips, you're ready to make some tough decisions.

As a reminder, these are our favorite colors to pair with blue and gray:

  • White
  • Rust
  • Black
  • Mustard yellow
  • Orange
  • Cognac brown
  • Cream
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Light wood



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