6 Grout Colors That Go With Gray Tile

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With a multitude of shades, shapes, materials, and patterns available in gray tile today, there are many ways to introduce it into your home. Have fun with unique shapes or configurations such as herringbone, chevron, diamond, and piquet that feel very current.


You can be creative with sizes and colors of gray tiles, especially in the bathroom — select different designs for your countertop, floor, walls, and even the shower. In the kitchen, gray stone tile is having its moment as a backsplash option. And don't forget that tile can be a beautiful choice for other rooms in the home as well.

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"Gray is a great neutral option that offers a ton of variation in tone and depth. Using gray for tile installations is a great way to build visual texture when clients might be hesitant to introduce a more saturated color," say Calgary-based designers Reena Sotropa and Alanna Dunn of Reena Sotropa In House Design Group. "With warm and cool tones, using gray in your interior space can have longevity with ever-changing color trends. We always recommend that our clients choose gray tiles in warmer tones, which look beautiful with both warm and cool white accents."

Grout plays an important role in the overall design. "Whenever we're selecting grout colors, we first decide if we're looking to emphasize or minimize the pattern of the tile installation," says Dunn. "Matching the grout color to the tile will always help tone down the overall pattern, creating a quieter look." This approach can also make a room feel more spacious, especially when applied to the floor. On the other hand, contrasting the grout with the tile color — by going several shades lighter or darker — will make the pattern more prominent.


Below are six options for grout colors that will bring out the best in your gray tile.

6 Grout Colors for Gray Tile

1. Charcoal Gray

This kitchen floor is an example of making a space feel bigger by choosing a grout color that closely matches the tile. You'll notice that the backsplash, meanwhile, has slightly contrasting grout so the subway tile pattern stands out. The charcoal gray floors ground this bright white kitchen.



2. Gray-Blue

For a little extra color, try a gray-blue to match or stand out from your tile. The dark slate shade of this hearth floor creates high contrast with the light-hued stone fireplace. The gray cement floor picks up tones from both. Remember to choose heat-resistant tile for the hearth.


3. Light Gray

Whether you're looking for an exact color match for your tiles or a bit of contrast, light gray grout is low-maintenance and has a soothing appearance. In this kitchen by Reena Sotropa In House Design Group, similarly hued backsplash tiles and grout make the herringbone pattern look subtle (compared to a darker grout, which would create stark definition).


4. Off-White

Off-white goes with many shades of gray, providing contrast without all the maintenance that comes with true white grout. Be mindful of undertones, though, and consider keeping grout lines thin. With wider grout lines, off-whites with yellow undertones may not appear to be a deliberate choice and can instead look like white grout that is discolored or in need of cleaning.



5. White

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

White grout is a classic choice. It has a bright and clean appearance, while contrasting with all shades of gray tile. Of course, lighter grout will always require more cleaning than darker alternatives, and white is the most high-maintenance color choice of all. Anyone with white grout on their tile floors or countertops will tell you it's a challenge to maintain the color, but that's less true with backsplashes, which face less wear and tear.


6. Medium Gray

Are you coveting this bathroom by Reena Sotropa In House Design Group as much as we are? We love the two kinds of gray tile on display here — charcoal for the floor and various shades of light gray for the wall. Both have contrasting grout colors. The medium gray grout accentuates the herringbone pattern of the wall tile, to stunning effect.


Another design tip from the Reena Sotropa team: "When you have a large expanse of gray tile, we often like to introduce a warm element through the millwork (warm wood stains) or hardware (brass accents) to visually balance the space."

How to Select Grout Colors for Gray Tile

When selecting grout colors for gray tile, there are several factors to consider: the tile design and color(s), where it's being applied, and your vision for the overall room design.



  • What do you hope to achieve with your tile design? Do you want to make the pattern stand out, tone it down, or practically make it disappear? Take time to think about your goals.
  • Similarly, would you want to be more daring with your grout color? While we've covered some color options, this doesn't mean you can't be playful and go with a bolder shade of grout that becomes a conversation starter.
  • Location, location, location. If the area where the grout will be applied is the floor versus a wall, it will likely require more cleaning and maintenance because of foot traffic. Also if your tile is exposed to moisture often, such as in the bathroom and kitchen, white grout may become a less pleasing color.
  • The other design elements in the room can also help guide you toward the right grout color. Is there an existing shade (maybe from the wall paint, curtains, appliances, etc.) you can echo with the grout?

Consider picking up a grout color sample kit to see a variety of options against your tile.

Pros and Cons of Gray Tile

If you've yet to commit to gray tile in your home, consider the pros and cons.


  • Versatile
  • Wide variety of material options, including natural stone
  • Tile shape and placement, as well as grout color, create even more style possibilities
  • Soft shades can create a light and bright space, while requiring less maintenance and hiding dirt better than white tile does


  • Using too much of the same tone can create a sterile appearance (to avoid this, choose tile with visual variety or a darker tone)

Grout Colors That Go With Gray Tile

To highlight or not to highlight the pattern? Your answer will shape your choice of grout color for your gray tile. To emphasize the pattern, choose a grout color that is darker than the tile. Or minimize the appearance of the grout by looking for an exact match. If grout color maintenance is a concern, steer away from white for high-traffic surfaces like floors or counters that are most prone to discoloration.

  • Charcoal Gray
  • Gray-Blue
  • Light Gray
  • Off-White
  • White
  • Medium Gray



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