Cedar As a Roach Repellent

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Cedar oil and cedar chips repel roaches.

Roach sprays and chemicals for cockroaches can be expensive and require multiple treatments and sprayings. Cedar is a natural product that repels roaches because its harsh scent acts as a deterrent.



Use cedar in one of two forms to repel cockroaches. The website Garden Mandy suggests mixing essential cedar oil with rubbing alcohol and spraying the mixture around your house. The cedar scent remains strong, but the rubbing alcohol stretches the small bottle of cedar oil.


Repel cockroaches with cedar chips. Place the cedar chips in any area of your home where you've seen roaches and areas where the roaches live, including in beds, under the sink and inside the kitchen and bathroom cabinets.



Cedar also repels moths and fleas. Cedar shampoo or cedar-filled bags can protect your pets, according to Eartheasy.com. Cedar chips wrapped in a square of cheesecloth is better for moths.



Jennifer Eblin

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