Ring Security Cameras Review 2022

Ring offers some of the most popular security cameras in the industry, here's why.

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Ring is a leader in the home security industry, inventing the video doorbell that nearly created an entirely new market of home security. While it started as a simple camera to watch your front door, Ring is now a top home security option with varying products like video doorbell cameras, indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, alarm systems, and more.

Ring security cameras integrate seamlessly into your existing setup, which is something that some of the best home security systems on the market are missing. Ring security systems provide you with a more secure home, and there are plenty of models to choose from.

What is Ring?

Ring hit the market in 2013 when founder Jamie Siminoff wanted a solution when it came to seeing who was at the front door — even if you weren't home. The first-generation Ring Video Doorbell had 720p HD video, infrared night vision, motion detection, live view … and that was about it. Now, Ring has over 10 different models of home security cameras that feature HD video, birds-eye view, customizable motion detection, and more advanced features.

The company transitioned to both in-home and outdoor camera options, innovating the way we think about home security with DIY installation options. Ring values not only security but also customization and ease of use for its customers. Chief Operating Officer Mike Harris has taken into consideration how renters need options that require little to no wall modification and those who own homes may need more robust features, like lighting and advanced motion detectors.

Ring is a company that has a home security camera to fit just about every need, and the price points range to fit an array of budgets as well.

Ring Security Camera Models

Ring cameras are best known for their simplicity and easy installation. People that don't want to have to call ADT are usually looking for the DIY options that Ring home security cameras provide. Not only can you install it yourself, but you can also get the features you need like night vision, clear 1080p HD video, motion sensors, and easy integration with Alexa.

The cameras are also pretty compact, and most models give you options when it comes to your power source. If your home runs on solar power, you have options just the same as if you want a traditional battery. Ring cameras stand out to shoppers because they actually blend in with your surroundings, and discretion is a major selling point when it comes to security.


Whether you're looking for extra comfort while you stay up late binging Hulu, or want a full home security system, Ring has plenty of options. Let's review some of Ring's popular models.

Ring Indoor Cam

The Ring Indoor Cam made it on our list of Best Indoor Security Cameras for 2022. The camera may be compact, but it's full of the features you need from an indoor home security camera. The snappy indoor camera can plug in wherever you want to have extra eyes — meaning you can put one in the living room, bedroom, or anywhere else indoors. The technical features make it a top contender in the entry-level camera space, with 1080p HD video, two-way talk, motion-activated notifications, and color night vision.

It's also easy to install, just connect it to a power outlet via the micro USB plug and you're done. The device can stand on its own or you can mount it to a wall or ceiling, making it great for anyone who might want to keep an eye on their pets while out of the house or know when family members come and go. Those who purchase multiple of the indoor cam devices can control them all from the Ring App, giving you oversight of every area of your home right from the palm of your hand. And with a $60 price point, this is the most affordable Ring camera in the lineup.

Ring Spotlight Cam

The Ring Spotlight Cam is an outdoor camera, so this one's best for people who want to keep watch on what's happening on their front porch or in the backyard. You can hear what's happening outside and even speak to those on your property with the two-way talk feature. The security camera has two LED spotlights attached and a 110-decibel siren alarm (that'll catch anyone's attention), in addition to a 1080p HD video that you can review with or without your lights turned on. Adjustable motion zones and advanced motion detection make this an outdoor camera that can cater to all of your home security needs.


You have four different models when it comes to this camera: Spotlight Cam Battery, Spotlight Cam Wired, Spotlight Cam Mount, and Spotlight Cam Solar. Though many of their features are similar, the differences mainly come into play with how the devices are powered. There are also pros and cons of each model; for example, the battery and solar options don't allow fully customizable motion detection zones like the wired model does. The wired version also offers night vision in color versus black and white. It all comes down to your preferences and needs on which one you end up with.

The Ring Spotlight Cam is a great outdoor camera option no matter your preferred model. It's good for any kind of outdoor use, but expect to spend a little more at around $200-$250.

Ring Floodlight Cam

"Alexa, play ​All of the Lights.​" If you want the next level of the Ring Spotlight Cam, the Ring Floodlight Cam is the perfect fit. Two ultra-bright, motion-activated 2,000 Lumen floodlights shine on the darkest areas of your property.

Paired with a 1080p video, 140-degree view, and motion detection, you get a clear view of everything happening outside. These cameras — which come in various models that we'll get into more below — also offer two-way audio, a 105dB siren, and an adjustable mount. This camera also has a motion warning feature that alerts visitors that they are being recorded once motion is detected.

The original Ring Floodlight Cam needed to be plugged into AC power, but now there are also wired versions. Whether you choose a plug-in or hardwired security camera, both are weather resistant and can handle the elements. There are Plus and Pro models, with the Pro cameras also boasting a 110dB siren, 3D motion detection, bird's eye view, and HDR and color night vision. You'll want this camera if you want to see what's happening in larger outdoor areas. The price point of these floodlight cameras falls between $180-$270.


Ring Stick Up Cam

The Ring Stick Up Cam is a versatile, easy-to-use security camera that works both indoors and outdoors. This is the perfect little camera that gives you the best of both worlds. The camera can be powered by a battery, an AC power source, or the newest option, solar power.

With the Ring Stick Up Cam Battery, you'll get a wireless camera that comes with a rechargeable battery, adjustable motion detection, color night vision, full HD video, motion-activated notifications, and two-way audio. You also have flexibility when it comes to how and where to place the camera, as it can be set on a table, shelf, or mounted to a wall. (The camera is weather-resistant, so this applies for both inside and outside of your property.)

If you're wondering the difference between this and other outdoor cameras in the Ring family, the Stick Up Cam does not feature any kind of built-in lights. It also offers both indoor and outdoor coverage, unlike other cameras. Most Stick Up Cams are $99, but there is a new Stick Up Cam Elite with PoE (Power over Ethernet) adapter that retails for $200. The PoE adapter ensures that you never encounter dead zones with WiFi and also gets rid of the need to charge a battery. For simple indoor and outdoor protection with all the key features, the Ring Stick Up Cam is a top option.

Ring Video Doorbell Camera

The Ring Doorbell Camera is where it all started, revolutionizing home security with the first-ever doorbell cam. That's one of the many reasons it was ranked first on our list of Best Video Doorbells of 2022. This camera is now loaded with more features than its original predecessor, allowing users to experience improved video with sharp 1080p HD. Whether night or day, you can monitor door activity in live view or review later on. Even with the newer generations, it is still easy to install your video doorbell.

Features of the Video Doorbell include two-way talk, motion detection and alerts, a built-in rechargeable battery, and customizable privacy settings. Just like other cameras in the Ring video doorbell lineup, this device is Alexa-compatible. If you want to integrate with another security system like Nest, you may have to do some finessing. You'll find that it is also easy to install, just mount and line up to your doorbell to get setup. At $99, this game-changing device is one of the most affordable Ring cameras. Keep in mind that it is not a comprehensive home security solution, but is best for those who want to see their packages and any guests arrive at their doorsteps.


Also, while not advertised as an official feature, some of the most hilarious TikToks and viral videos are born from the Ring Doorbell Camera.

Smart Home Integration With Ring and Alexa

One of the reasons that Ring cameras are the most popular on the market is their easy integration with Alexa. Amazon purchased the company in 2018 and now users can get a comprehensive smart home solution. You can easily pair your Ring devices with Amazon Alexa-supported devices like FireTV, Fire tablets, Echo speakers, and Echo Show. All you need to do is download the Alexa app and enable Ring to get started with connecting your account.

Ring is any easy integration into your smart devices because you can simply command Alexa to show your camera or execute other commands. No matter if it's your front door, back door, or garage, you have options when paired with your Alexa home setup.

Installing Your Ring Security Cameras

Installation for Ring security cameras will vary depending on the particular device, but even the least-handy can get their device up in no time. Many of the devices like the Stick Up Cam and Ring Indoor Cam just require either connecting the device to a power outlet or immediately placing it on a flat surface (or mounting the device to adhere it to a wall). If your device requires a power cord, you should consider the length of the cord and any limitations that may be put on placement.

For outdoor devices, the installation will require a bit more work and tools, though it still can be a DIY project. Since you'll be working with wires, you want to make sure that the power is disconnected from your intended installation area prior to starting. Some users prefer to hire a professional electrician for these types of home security devices as considerations like install height, mounting, and wire connections come into play.

The Ring website offers plenty of videos to help with installation and comparatively, these cameras are much easier to install than others on the market. Everything you need comes in the box, consider Ring a one-stop shop when it comes to home security.

Ring's Warranty

You can feel confident in any Ring camera that you buy, as all products come with a limited one-year warranty from the date of purchase. Coverage includes replacement or repair of any product that malfunctions as a result of issues with workmanship or defective parts. Another unique aspect of the warranty is theft protection, with the company offering a free replacement of any stolen Ring camera or doorbell at any time.

You can also get an extended warranty when subscribing to certain Ring Protect plans. The Ring Protect Plus plan is $10 a month or $100 per year and offers benefits like video history for 60 days, snapshot capture, person alert, video sharing, and discounts on select Ring and Amazon.com products. The Ring Protect Pro plan is $20 a month or $200 per year and includes additional perks like 24/7 backup internet, eero Secure (a more secure WiFi solution), and Alexa Guard Plus.

With these plans, instead of just one year of being able to get your equipment fixed, you have coverage for the life of your active subscription. It's hard to beat that kind of coverage!

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Are Ring Cameras Worth It?

Based on ours and many expert reviewers opinions, Ring cameras are definitely worth it. Ring's ease of installation and set-up along with its overall performance puts these cameras near the top of our list. Whether you want the most advanced home security system or are just looking to watch for your deliveries, Ring cameras can do it all inside and out.

To maximize your home security system, you can use different Ring cameras in different areas around your home. The price points make it possible to do this, versus some of the more expensive alternatives that may not offer as much overall coverage. The only must-have across devices is good WiFi for connectivity, otherwise, the camera you pick is completely up to personal preference.