Ring Indoor Security Camera Review (2022)

Ring’s Indoor camera will make your home instantly safer and smarter

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Choosing the right home security system is never simple. What started with the Ring doorbell camera became an expansion into a wide range of diverse camera options. Not to mention the fact that most of these Ring camera options pair with Amazon's Alexa — the e-commerce giant bought Ring back in 2018 and made sure products would be easily compatible.

Making sure your home is as safe as possible, both inside and out, is one of the most important ways to create a happy and healthy home. The first thing to note is that there are both indoor and outdoor security cameras. The materials they're made out of are a major distinction: Outdoor cameras are built to weather the elements while indoor cameras are not. This brings us to Ring's Indoor Cam, which as the name suggests, can be put just about anywhere to monitor the inside of your home.

What is the Ring Indoor Cam?

Ring's Indoor Cam is a camera you can plug in anywhere in your home for security purposes. It's super compact and can fit in your hand, so you can easily pick it up and move it to different rooms in your home. Before we discuss all the features, it's important to mention that it's one of the cheapest indoor security cameras on the market at ​$60​. And don't worry, the accessible price point doesn't compromise on its features.

First, there's the camera's technical features. The camera has impressive 1080p HD video that works both during the day and at night and has a 140-degree field of view. Next, it has a two way talk feature so you can communicate with someone on the other side of your camera almost as if it's a phone. One of our other favorite features is its sophisticated motion detection feature; your camera will detect any motion, but only within your set motion zones. Ring's Indoor Cam is almost entirely controlled via the Ring app. Once you download the app and connect your camera to your home Wi-Fi, the footage will begin to roll.

Pros and Cons of the Ring Indoor Cam


  • A compact size that's easily portable
  • All the helpful features including hands-free home monitoring
  • An attractive price point


  • Color infrared night vision is lacking, as well as other more sophisticated features
  • You need an extra plan to store video footage for longer
  • You might need to buy additional cameras to cover all the desired areas of your home

How Much is the Ring Indoor Cam

This camera rings in (see what we did there?) at a super affordable price of ​$60​ to make it accessible to everyone. For everything that you get, including smartphone features and a warranty, it's a pretty good deal. If you want more than one Indoor cam, you can buy a ​two-pack for $120​, a ​three-pack for $180​, or a ​four-pack for $240​. You can even buy a certified refurbished camera for $50 if you don't mind that it isn't brand new.


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Ring Indoor Cam vs Ring Outdoor Cam

We may not need to say it, but we will anyway: the Ring Indoor cam is intended for ​indoor​ use while the Outdoor cam is for use ​outdoors​. The Indoor doesn't have the ability to weather the elements, for example. Another difference between the two cameras is their actual feel. The Ring Indoor cam feels much lighter than the Ring Outdoor cam (and other Ring cameras in general), but that's not because it's less durable. It's merely because the Outdoor cam is waterproof, so it requires the use of different materials. The Outdoor cam is also powered by a battery, as opposed to the Ring Indoor cam which requires plugging in (which means it has a nonstop power supply).

Many of the features on the Indoor and Outdoor cameras are the same. Both have 1080 HD video quality footage and both have the two-way talk feature. If you have both an indoor and an outdoor camera, you can control them both from the Ring App — that means maximum coverage.

Installing your Ring Indoor Cam

Installing your Ring Indoor cam is just about as easy as it gets: all you have to do is connect it via its USB outlet to a plug — sadly, the Ring's Indoor cam isn't wireless. The camera is small and light enough to sit freestanding on a desk or mount on a wall. Once it's installed, it has completely adjustable angle capabilities regardless of where you decide to set it up. In no time, you can activate video recording on your new unit.

Smart Home Integration with Ring and Alexa

One of the most desirable aspects of a Ring device, in general, is their ability to connect to Amazon's Alexa. The reason Ring has such prized compatibility with Amazon is because the company bought Ring back in 2018; all you need is the Alexa and Ring apps to connect to your camera. If you have multiple cameras, you can monitor all of them from your smartphone with Ring's super comprehensive service — simply tell Alexa which camera footage you'd like to see and when. Yep, you're able to watch your entire home and all your videos from the palm of your hand.


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Ring Warranty

Have problems with your Ring Indoor cam? No need to worry because Ring offers a one-year warranty from the date of purchasing your camera. The warranty coverage includes both Ring device replacement and repairs. Uniquely, Ring also offers a replacement warranty in the case of theft.

Want something more? You can look into a Ring protect plan. For a lifetime warranty on your cam, you can pay $10 per month for the Ring Protect Plus plan or $20 per month for a Ring Protect Pro plan. Both Ring plans offer a lifetime warranty for the duration of your Ring subscription, plus other added perks like longer access to video history.

The Ring App

The Ring app has all sorts of things you can use to both monitor and adjust your cameras. The Modes feature on the app allows you to choose which cameras to turn on and off and when you want to view a camera's footage live. Yep, that means you can monitor your home in real-time. You can also decide when you want your cam to send motion events activated notifications to your phone. Cloud Storage is but another attractive feature of the interface that allows you to control your video storage and download videos and photos in one place. Essentially, you can see, hear, and speak to your Ring indoor camera with one handy app.

Are Ring Devices Worth it?

Ring cameras are a great investment when you want some more security around your home — whether you're a frequent flier, traveling for work, want to check on your pets during the day, or simply want to see who's at the door before you open it. Whatever your security needs may be, Ring's Indoor Security Cam is a safe investment — thanks to both its price and its functionality. It's an added bonus that you can connect all your Ring devices in one place and control them all from your phone, no matter where you are.


Here's What We Found

From the first video doorbells to smart lighting systems, the Ring ecosystem has truly adapted to the times. Not only is this Ring camera less expensive than other comparable options, but it's also much easier to install and use than most other models out there. The only real downside to Ring's Indoor cam is that it doesn't have super-advanced features such as built-in light and it's not wireless.

In terms of the full range of Ring cameras, they all have simple installation processes and overall quality features. But if you want something a little more sophisticated out of your home security system, most of the Ring doorbells and cameras don't have advanced features like facial recognition or the ability to zoom that some of the more expensive options have. The Ring devices also don't offer 24/7 video recording. But if you're looking for an indoor cam with the quality core functionality or one that works with Alexa, the Ring Indoor cam is a great (and affordable) option on the market right now!

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