Ring Alarm Home Security Systems Review 2022

See how Ring is reshaping home safety with Ring Alarm home security systems.

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Ring Alarm is one of the best DIY home security systems that offers affordable security systems with no contracts. These systems offer a range of features including 24/7 professional home monitoring, full system control in the Ring app, and compatibility with other Ring devices. There are a few different ​Ring Alarm systems​ to choose from, the base kit starts at $200 while Ring's leading option gets up to $475. After the one time cost for the system, Ring offers multiple different professional monitoring plans that start at just $10 per month.

When signing up, you have no long-term commitments; you're able to opt-out of professional monitoring at any time and have month-to-month coverage with the Protect Pro subscription versus yearly upfront costs. Forgot to set the alarm before you left for work? No worries, you can arm, check, and manage your entire Ring security system in the app. You'll know when any windows or doors open with motion detectors, thanks to a notification popping up on your phone — no more wondering while you're away.

Ring cameras are also compatible with Amazon Alexa devices, eero extenders, and third-party devices to give you unlimited ways to expand through your house. The company supports several wireless protocols to not only protect inside and outside your home but to protect your network too. Ring alarm systems also connect with the Ring cameras (some with fun night vision features) and doorbells to protect your home from every angle.

Ring Alarm System Packages and Costs

Ring Alarm systems vary in price depending on the package and plan you purchase. More basic kits are can be around $200, while the advanced kits reach $475. Every kit from Ring has a DIY installation process, with easy step-by-step instructions for you to follow. Ring Alarm home security packages range between 5-14 pieces and have a variety of capabilities and features. Choosing a home security package will depend on home size, family size, smart home integration, price, and much more. Let's cover some of the popular Ring Alarm home security systems:

Ring Alarm 8-Piece Kit with Ring Indoor Cam

There are a few different types of kits to get you started; the first one we're going to discuss is the Ring Alarm 8-Piece Kit with Indoor Cam starting at $300. You can protect four windows or doors, add motion detection to one hallway or room, and control it all from the Ring app. This package is great for someone looking to protect their entire home, with an emphasis on indoor visibility.


  • Ring alarm base station
  • Ring alarm keypad
  • Four contact sensors
  • One motion detector
  • Range extender
  • Indoor camera

Ring Alarm Pro 8-Piece Kit With Stick Up Cam and Echo Show 5

The Ring Alarm Pro 8-Piece Kit with a Stick Up Cam and Echo Show 5 is the next step up in security, starting at $475, but you can purchase on bundle right now for $390. This kit helps protect you inside, outside, on your network, and comes with everything you need to protect four windows or doors and motion detection for one hallway or room. Enjoy Amazon's Echo Show 5 smart display giving you vivid visuals and full sound to check in on your home when you're away with the versatile Stick Up Cam Battery.



  • Alarm pro base station
  • Keypad
  • Four contact sensors motion detector
  • Range extender
  • Stick Up Cam Battery
  • Echo Show 5

Ring Alarm 14-Piece Kit Home Security System

Up next is the Ring Alarm 14-Piece Kit starting at $330. This security package is great for larger homes that need to secure more space. With double the contact sensors and motion detectors, it can easily cover up to 2,000 square feet or more. Everything can be easily controlled from your Ring app. This plan is fully loaded with all the equipment needed to feel extra safe leaving your home.


  • Base station
  • Two keypads
  • Eight contact sensors
  • Two motion detectors
  • Range extender

Ring Alarm Pro 14-Piece Kit Home Security System

Lastly, the Ring Alarm Pro 14-Piece Kit starts at $380. This kit provides whole-home security with a fast eero Wi-Fi 6 router for complete network protection. You can protect up to eight windows or doors and two rooms or hallways. And like the rest of the packages, you can easily control everything from the convenience of the Ring app.


  • Alarm pro base station
  • Two keypads
  • Eight contact sensors
  • Two motion detectors
  • Range extender

For a bonus, you can purchase a few security items separately to add to your home security: the Spotlight Cam Battery at $200, a two-pack Spotlight Cam Battery for $350, Video Doorbell Pro for $170, Indoor Cam for $60, Stick Up Cam Battery $100, quick release battery pack for $30, interchangeable faceplate for $15, and a solar panel for $50. Each of these items helps to improve your security system to the max.


Ring Security Monitoring Plans

There are a two different options and prices for you to choose from:

  • Ring Protect Basic Plan: With this plan you'll get one video recording for one doorbell or camera at $3 a month (or $30 a year). The basic plan allows you to save but still have access to your one camera for 60 days.
  • Ring Protect Plus Plan: Comes in at $20 a month (or $200 per year). You'll get video history for 60 days, warranties for all devices, 24/7 professional monitoring, digital security by eero secure, and alarm cellular back-up. Even though this plan is slightly more, it's still a bargain with other companies charging $40 or more a month for similar plans.

Whenever you register a new device, you'll also receive a 30-day Ring Protect trial. With this trial, you can try all the features from the Ring Protect Plus plan, including 10% off all Ring products on Ring.com and Amazon. You can cancel your plan at any time if you're ever unhappy with or no longer in need of the services

Shop Ring Protect Plans

Ring Alarm Smart Home Automation

The Smart Home has become the way of our present and future, with everything connected and right at our fingertips. Ring works fantastically with Alexa, and you can connect it to the Amazon Echo to use the voice assistance feature. Once you've downloaded the Alexa app to your phone, you can then follow instructions to link your Ring device. Once that is done, you can simply use voice commands to tell Alexa what you would like your Ring devices to do — you can control your cameras, thermostat, and lighting. Alexa is the best one to pair with the Ring alarm system.

Other smart home devices like Google Home, unfortunately, don't pair well with Ring. You may experience some functionality, but it'll be spotty; the advanced functions simply won't work as well. Other devices like IFTTT, Smart Things, Google Nest, and Apple Home Kit don't pair well with Ring, either, for those in-home luxury features of voice control.


Ring Installation

All Ring security systems and cameras are DIY with instructions and videos to help you through the process. The smaller the system or camera, the easier the installation process is — but Ring has made it so anyone can add any product to their home quickly and easily. As long as you follow the instructions, you'll be good to go! The kits themselves shouldn't take you longer than 15-20 minutes, and the individual cameras and sensors should be even less time than that.


Installation can be very different for indoor and outdoor security cameras, so make sure to read the Ring installation manual before setting up your camera. We also recommend you consider a plan for how you'll change batteries for any battery-powered cameras.

Comparing Ring Camera Models

When considering which camera is best to use for your home, map out your house and see what areas you want to be covered. Typically you'll want to cover main entries and exits, windows, and main living spaces. But every home or apartment may have different needs.

First on the list is the Ring Indoor Cam; this next-generation Ring security camera is specifically designed to use indoors. It's lightweight, compact, and has flexible mounting options that easily make it the most versatile for placement in your home. It can be used to watch your pets or see what's going on when you aren't home, straight from your phone. With night vision, live view, two-way audio, and 1080p HD resolution, you'll be able to see ​and​ hear everything that's happening in your house.

Shop Now - $59.99+

The Ring Stick Up Cam Elite can be used both indoors and outdoors to boost up security in and around your home. It has all the great features of the Ring Indoor Cam listed above, plus a wide viewing angle (we're talking a 150-degree horizontal view and an 85-degree vertical view) for better video surveillance all around your property. It gets power from an Ethernet adapter that delivers consistent and reliable video transmission. With the simple DIY installation process, you (and your camera) will be up and going in no time.


Shop Now - $199.99+

The Ring Stick Up Cam (the Plug-In, Battery, and Solar versions) can be used both indoors and outdoors, plus it's beneficial in tight or confined spaces. While it's slightly larger than the other cameras, it's still small enough and perfect for mounting to indoor walls or ceilings. Another great thing about this camera is it has three different power options to make it easy to set up anywhere in your home.

Shop Now for $99.99+

The Ring Spotlight Cam comes wired, battery-powered, solar-powered, and on a mount. It's a powerful addition to your home security with the variety in power options to monitor any dark corner around your property The second motion is detected, bright lights and user-activated sirens scare away any intruders. You'll love keeping your home secure, whether you're there or not.

Shop Now: $199.99+

The Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro is hard-wired for reliable protection. The camera is built with powerful LED beams, a security siren, and 3D motion detection with a bird's eye view for optimal security. Because it needs to be hard-wired, it may not be the best option for renters, but it's great for those who own their homes. It's also only suitable outdoors, and you'll likely need some DIY skills if you plan to install it yourself.

Shop now for $249.99+

The Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus has the same features as the pro with ultra-bright floodlights and remote-activated sirens. It's a relatively large unit and needs to be hard-wired, but it can easily cover large areas of your property and nothing will be able to get past this camera's eye. And don't forget your Ring doorbell camera; most break-ins typically happen through the front door!

Shop now for $179.99+

Ring Sensors

Ring offers a few different types of sensors to keep you safe in your home, such as the Alarm Window and Door Contact Sensor. Each time a window or door opens, you'll get an alert sent straight to your phone after an easy DIY installation on any door frame or window frame.

You can also place a Ring Alarm Motion Detector in each room of your house to get notifications of any motion detected indoors. It easily mounts to walls or in corners and even has advanced motion sensitivity to prevent false alarms if your pets walk by. For even more reach, you can add a Ring Alarm Range Extender to your alarm base station. It also eliminates dead zones, so your devices can stay connected and on the lookout at all times.

Ring Warranties

The Ring alarm system has a limited warranty that covers up to a year from the date of purchase or one year from the date of receipt of your replacement Ring product. Ring will repair or replace any Ring products that malfunction due to device parts or workmanship at no charge to you. The warranty is non-transferable and applies only to the original consumer purchaser.

The warranty will not cover repair service due to damage, misuse, abuse, or negligence. Natural events such as fire, lightning, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, or hurricanes, are also not covered. Ring will, however, replace the device at no charge if your Ring camera or doorbell is stolen. (Wouldn't that be ironic?) Coverage of the theft protection is limited to one replacement for each Ring camera or doorbell.

Are Ring Alarm Home Security Systems Worth It?

Ring Alarm security systems are a great way to get extra peace of mind with a trusted home security system. With affordable prices of the security kits and the safety of 24/7 professional monitoring, it's hard to go wrong with Ring Alarm. Plus, all Ring systems and devices are entirely DIY, which means you don't need to pay extra money to have someone install everything for you.

With the Ring app, you also have total control of all your cameras. You can see every part of your home at any time of the day, and with the more advanced plans, the alarm system will send dispatchers straight to you if someone were to break into your home. Overall, yes, Ring Alarm systems are a solid option for a DIY security system.


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