Best Home Security Doors of 2023

Protect your home in style with these beautiful security doors.

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For possible intruders, just the sight of a security door can be a deterrent. ​Home security doors​ offer an added layer of protection against break-ins and can be a partial alternative to a full security system. Choosing the right security door (and having it installed properly) not only decreases the risk of forced entry into your home, but also can increase the value of your home. With a security door you could even lower home insurance costs.

There are things to consider when choosing a home security door, such as whether you want a solid or screen door, materials (of the frame and core), lock type, hinge type, resistance class, door costs, and installation costs. Keep in mind, you don't have to sacrifice beauty for security; many available security doors would give even the most attractive front doors a run for their money!

All of the security doors on this list (and many others on the market) are designed to be as beautiful as they are secure. Whether you have a cottagecore, farmhouse, greek revival, craftsman, tiny home, midcentury modern, or any other style of home, you are sure to find a security door that not only complements your home but could also improve its beauty.

5 Best Home Security Doors

1. Prime-Line Security Door
2. Precision Screen & Security Prod
3. Viz-Pro Quick Mount Steel Security Door
4. Guardian Black Surface Mount Outswing Steel Security Door
5. Unique Home Designs White Recessed Meshtec Security Door

This beautiful oak-stained wood and steel mesh door has the look of an open screen door with the security of a solid steel security door — we're talking a 1 x 1-inch welded steel frame. Other features include 24-gauge perforated steel mesh, heavy-duty tamper-proof hinges, and an 80-pound kick-proof stature. The door is also powder coated with a bronze finish for additional protection from wear and tear.

Coming in at just under $200, the Prime-Line Woodguard steel security door is a great budget-friendly option that will still protect your home and keep it looking great. The Prime-Line security door is also reversible so that it can be mounted to either side of the frame, making it extra versatile for any home. We love the door's open construction, allowing natural airflow into the home—which is especially great on those crisp spring mornings. The door comes in three pieces for easy mounting to a door frame, which will help keep your installation costs low.

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If you have a standard (non-security) front door that you absolutely love, this Precision steel security screen door might just be the door for you. This black steel security door comes with decorative design scrolls to give your existing door a stylish twist (no pun intended). It comes as a three-piece surface mount with a pre-hung ¾-inch x ¾-inch tubular steel door frame and is the most straightforward door to install on our list.


Designed to be used with any standard door, the Precision Screen & Security Prod door is an effective break-in deterrent whether your front door is open or closed. The three-piece security door is welded to a 1-inch hinge bar and a 1-inch header bar and comes with three pre-installed tamper-proof hinges. It also boasts a robust, steel mesh design that's both durable and aesthetically-pleasing.

Priced at just under $130, the Precision Screen & Security Prod door is an inexpensive way to secure your home and your belongings, add a pop of beauty, and allow airflow throughout the house.

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The Viz-Pro Quick Mount Steel Security Door is an excellent security door choice because of its unique construction and all-inclusive materials. The frame is reinforced steel, and the two-inch door leaf is filled with fiberglass and mineral wool. (Fun fact: Mineral wool has the added benefit of providing soundproofing, insulation, and fireproofing.)

The Viz-Pro Quick Mount Steel door comes in five sizes ranging from 29-inch to 39-inch to fit any size doorway. The door is white with stainless steel accents and can fit right in with any home or decor style. You also have the option to personalize whether the door will swing out or in and if it'll be a right- or left-handed entry.

Additional benefits of the Viz-Pro security door include a 9 to 12 point locking system, anti-jemmy hinge bolts, and an anti-jimmy lip around the frame. It also has an all-weather seal making it ideal security for homes in any climate. A bit on the pricier end of security doors, this highly-rated door costs around $900 — although including all hardware, locks, frame, and mounts helps offset the price a bit. Besides installation, this door has everything you'll need to secure your home.


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At $500, the Guardian Black Surface Mount security door is in the mid-range of pricing for doors on this list, but it certainly doesn't sacrifice quality. Its rust-proof 100% commercial-grade aluminum construction provides excellent protection from both intruders and the elements. The door has a protective powder coat finish leaving it with a stunning black look that will stand out against the neighbor's doors. The attractive black finish is excellent for both aesthetics and deterring criminals from even considering breaking into your home.

The Guardian is reversible so that it can be installed on either side of the frame. It includes all hardware and a driver bit for installation, but be aware that locks and installation are not included. This door also has a unique feature to the other doors on this list: interchangeable panel inserts. The solid panels can be changed out for glass or screens to change up the appearance (but not change the security) whenever you feel like it. (Additional panels are sold separately.)

The door measures 36 x 80 inches, making it compatible with most standard-size entryways. It does come in one solid piece, so be aware that installation could be less user-friendly and more expensive.

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The last security door on our list is the Unique Home Designs Recessed Meshtec Security Door. The door is finished with a vibrant white weather-proof finish, and the tempered glass allows for quality airflow and protection from UV rays.

Meshtec is a technology that uses state-of-the-art tightly woven stainless steel mesh that is strong, rustproof, and provides protection without the use of bars, which allows this door to blend into any home design seamlessly. The tempered glass insert is strong and theft-deterring but allows light to brighten up the inside of your home. As a bonus, the design is fully impact-resistant. (Picture a two-inch-thick tempered glass phone screen protector.) The glass covers the steel mesh screen and is removable so that you can enjoy those cool fall evenings without sacrificing your safety and security.


The Unique Home Designs Recessed Meshtec Security Door comes in two available options for additional personalization: left-hand outswing and right-hand outswing. It comes with all hardware including security snap covers, further deterring forced entry and hiding unattractive screws. It has a three-point vault-style locking system, giving it yet another layer of added security.

The Unique Home Designs Meshtec Door costs around $650, although the primary lock and door handle are not included. Its standard size of 32 x 80 inches fits most standard entryways, but the recessed mount could make installation a little more difficult and expensive. Installation tools are also not included, so you (or your professional installation company) may need several tools such as a drill, drill bits, rubber mallet, wood chisel, woodblocks, needle nose pliers, and more —something to keep in mind when considering the overall cost of the door.

Overall, the Unique Home Designs Meshtec door is a great choice; one that is sure to last for years to come.

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What Type of Door is Best for Security?

So what exactly is a security door? In its most basic form, a security door is an entryway door reinforced with strong materials such as steel or aluminum. Additional features like reinforced deadlocks, smart locks, and hidden security hinges are also available on most security doors.

There are many features to think about when you are considering installing a security door for your home. The most important feature to consider is the materials. Popular security door brands like Prime-Line, GlassCraft, and Viz-Pro offer security doors in multiple finishes, including solid steel, solid wood, wood/steel combination, steel/tempered glass, fiberglass, and more. Some security doors have solid wood frames with steel cores. (Try kicking that open!) Doors embedded with steel mesh are also a popular choice.


Another thing to consider when making an ​investment​ in a security door is just that, the cost. Doors can range from very inexpensive (around $100) to high-end (up to $5,000). Keep in mind, basic budget doors generally will not include additional security features like security hinges or smart locks, so those features will have an additional cost. You'll also need to consider installation costs. DIY installation isn't advisable since incorrect installation can cause the door to be faulty under pressure, which is when you need it the most. Professional installation can range from about $200 to $600.

If you live in a hot or humid climate, you might want to consider a security screen door instead of a solid security door. With a security screen door, you can leave your front door open to allow airflow while keeping your home safe and secure. Many brands, including Unique Home Designs and Grisham, offer extensive selections of security screen doors and can be found at home improvement stores like Lowes and Home Depot.

The last thing to consider when choosing a security door is the aesthetics. Of course, we want our entryway to look great since it is the first thing people see. An attractive front door can also increase the home's value. Luckily, there are many beautiful security doors available, and you're sure to find one that complements the style and aesthetic of your house. Let's take a look at the five best security doors available for your home.

Reasons to Install a Home Security Door

Installing a security door is considered a significant home improvement and can thus increase the home's value. Also, security doors can help to beautify the house (as mentioned above), and increased curb appeal translates to increased value.

Insurance companies use many factors to determine risk (the probability of an adverse event occurring at your home), which determines your homeowners' insurance cost. Potential hazards include fire damage, water damage, natural disasters, and of course, burglaries. Reducing the risk of burglary by installing a security door reduces the risk that the insurance company is taking on, which will bring down your insurance costs.

Another possible benefit to installing a security screen door is lowered electricity bills in the summer. We often run the air conditioner all summer long instead of leaving doors and windows wide open. With a security screen door, you can leave the front door open (with the security screen door locked and secured) and enjoy fresh air any time of year. So turn those air conditioners off and enjoy the summer breeze!

Are Security Doors Worth it?

In short, security doors are often worth the price. There are many benefits to having a security door for your home; the most obvious reason is to prevent would-be intruders from gaining entry. But they have additional benefits to consider, such as a decrease in insurance costs and increased home value.

Not only do security doors prevent break-ins because the doors are often too heavy or strong to be kicked open but also, just the sight of a security door can prevent burglars from even targeting your home in the first place. Burglars will often look for the easiest option to enter and exit a home in the shortest amount of time possible, so a house that appears to be difficult to enter may cause criminals to move along. Installing a security door on your home significantly reduces the chance of a home invasion.

The bottom line is: Security doors are a simple, (mostly) budget-friendly, and effective way to secure your home, family, and peace of mind in style.