The Best Home Security Systems of 2022

Our best home security system picks for 2022.

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Worried about what your furry friend is up to at home when you're gone? Or if someone is watching your property for a potential break in? Home security systems offer a variety of uses and benefits. And with today's technology, then can be easy for any homeowner to use. From inexpensive DIY options like SimpliSafe to professionally installed systems like ADT, there are plenty of companies to choose from. Luckily, we've done the research for you to find the best home security systems on the market in 2022.

Your specific needs will determine the best option for a home security system. Thanks to the incredible growth of smart home technology, available options are highly customizable. And the innovation in security cameras, sensors, monitoring, and more make it easy for anyone to use the equipment.

Read on to find out who made it on our list of best home security systems of 2022.

Top Home Security Systems

Best Overall: Vivint Home Security



Professional installation


Smart home integration

Contract with financing

Sleek design of equipment

Vivint is our pick for the best overall security system. Vivint has a ton of plans for you to choose from, or you can customize a system totally your own. A security professional can offer suggestions and validation for areas that might need extra security (or can help you out if you have no idea where to start). The company also boasts an average of an eight-second response time from when your alarm is triggered to when a team member alerts you or the authorities.

Following your consultation, Vivint will professionally install all equipment for you. Vivint also has arguably one of the sleekest designs for home security. You can also fully integrate your other smart home features with your system. Nest thermostats, garage doors, and even smart deadbolts can sync seamlessly with the system and grant you total control of your home.

Vivint Packages and Pricing

Vivint's base price is $600 and goes up to about $1800 for equipment and installation. Monthly fees start at $30 for security monitoring, $40 for smart home monitoring (controlling thermostats, lighting, and smart locks), and $45 for smart home video monitoring (smart home features with live video streaming and even package protection).


If you choose to pay upfront for the equipment, you can skip a contract. However, if you choose to finance the equipment, you're required to enter into a 60-month contract.

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Affordable price

No DIY installation

Bundle options with other services

Limited smart integration with Google or Amazon devices

No contract

As far as value is concerned, you can't go wrong with Comcast Xfinity home security. The Xfinity starter kit costs $360 and even gives you the option to finance for a two-year period. Set routines and control your home fully from the user-friendly Xfinity app. We also love that Xfinity's app gives you an overview of your house, so you can check if any windows or doors are open or unlocked before you set the alarm.

While most Xfinity customers bundle all of their services (internet, phone, and cable), it's not necessary if you're only interested in security monitoring. (Though, there are discounts to be had when bundling all the services and only one bill to worry about.) There's no contract to worry about at any level of monitoring either. Just remember that the warranty lasts for 12 months and only covers manufacturer malfunctions.

Xfinity's tech is pretty advanced compared to other brands; its motion sensors can ignore large pets (up to 85 lbs, sorry four-legged giants) so you won't constantly get notifications when your dog roams around the room!

Comcast Xfinity Plans and Security Equipment

The starter kit for Xfinity costs $360, or $15 a month for two years if you choose to finance. Self-monitoring your cameras starts at $10, while their professional monitoring starts at $30 a month. While the equipment you choose to receive is customizable, the starter kit includes a reasonable bundle compared to competitors.


Xfinity has less tech than Vivint, but still holds a great selection of sensors, cameras, smart thermostats, and even smart plugs. Xfinity's technicians will also install your system for you, meaning you can skip trying to figure out the installation.

Xfinity allows third-party devices to work with the system as an added benefit—like live-streaming the feed straight to the app without adding any additional monthly fees. It also uses artificial intelligence to scrub through video feeds for ultimate monitoring control.

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Simple DIY setup

Full Smart Home automation capabilities

Affordable options

No contract

Looking to set up and manage your home security yourself? We recommend our top DIY pick, SimpliSafe. A budget-friendly pick, SimpliSafe offers valuable features and options for customers. Though it has a limited selection, it's enough for most renters and homeowners who want some level of smart home integration and security — without long contracts and expensive equipment.

You will have to buy your equipment upfront but, most devices on the market will run you about the same dollar amount. There's a 60-day money-back guarantee for the ultimate assurance that you love your system (and we think you will).

SimpliSafe also pairs with your smart home assistant for voice control commands; simply tell your device "goodnight," and it'll turn on the alarm. In the morning, you can tell Alexa or Google to disarm your system, as well. SimpliSafe regularly runs discounts and promotions, so be on the lookout for the opportunity to save.


SimpliSafe Plans and Security Equipment

SimpliSafe's basic kit, ​The Foundation​, costs $230 while the top system reaches $505. SimpliSafe sometimes offers amazing discounts online though. Like some other brands, you can always add to your system and increase security with more equipment. (Add-ons include a smoke detector, temperature sensor, panic button, key fob, water sensor, and cameras.) While SimpliSafe has pre-built packages, you can also choose to build your own system that completely satisfies your needs.

There are a few different options for monitoring your home. You can choose the self-monitoring plan which will run you a monthly cost for video storage, or select a professional monitoring plan with SimpliSafe. Prices range anywhere from $0 to $25 per month with SimpliSafe professional monitoring.

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Best for Professional Monitoring: ADT Home Security



Professional monitoring

Can be expensive

Technician installation

Typically require a contract

ADT is great because you can get both a professional setup and a highly-customized system for your home. An ADT technician can help you build a system based on your needs, or you can select the equipment you need from their website.

ADT takes care of the entire system from day one—professionals handle the installation and monitoring, bringing you the most peace of mind about your home. (Great news for people who dislike DIY!)

ADT's monitoring system is where it shines; it has the most monitoring centers out of any home security company. If anything happens to your usual monitoring center, monitoring is transferred immediately to another center. The basic monitoring plan starts at $28 per month without app access or video. ADT ​does​ require you to have a landline to communicate with the monitoring team on the basic plan, too. The next package is $53 per month with app access, but no video. Finally, the most expensive package is $59 per month and offers both app access and video. For the last two packages, we love its wireless connect features. There's no wiring necessary to a landline, and you'll be able to integrate with your smart home assistant.


ADT Plans and Security Equipment

Like with all security companies, the more you add to your security system, the more you'll pay.

You have the three options for packages: Build Your Own, ADT's Smart package, and ADT's Complete package. The last two packages come with cameras, sensors, and smart devices you can sync with your system (locks, plugs, and switches that all work with smart home assistants). Installation is an upfront cost but isn't as expensive as the upfront costs of a DIY system. If you want to pay for the equipment upfront, you can. However, you'll still be required to enter into a contract for monitoring.

  • Build Your Own​: starts at $600 (or $10 a month) for 60 months. You get a good amount of tech (control panel, three sensors, a motion sensor, and app control) for that price, but can add on if necessary!
  • The Smart Package​: starts at $920 (or $15 per month) for 60 months. You'll get all the same tech along with a couple more smart devices to integrate into your system. Monitoring starts at $50 for this package.
  • The Complete Package​: starts at $920 as well for 60 months and includes all the tech in the other kits, plus an outdoor camera and video doorbell. Monitoring starts at $60 for this package.

ADT systems will monitor for smoke, carbon monoxide, and some packages offer the ability to view live camera feeds of your home. If you can afford ADT, it's a great system and company. (ADT boasts an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau.)

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Best for Affordability: Ring Home Security



Value for the price

Limited starter kits

Options to choose from

Lack of video verification for monitoring

Low-cost monitoring

No Contract

Our most affordable pick is Ring. Thanks to its affordability and wide range of features, it's a tough DIY competitor. It's a great choice for smart home automation as well. Ring is cost-friendly, simple to install, and has a great selection of cameras. You can add on monitoring for just $10 a month, as well, making this system extra secure.

There are kits with varying levels of tech involved, so you can invest in just the right amount for your home. Ring also allows you to build your own package. When we say there's a huge selection of equipment, we mean it. There are five video doorbells ranging from $100 to $350, a peephole cam for $130, three smart locks ranging from $140-$220, and much more to consider.

Ring Plans and Security Equipment

Ring is among our more affordable plan suggestions. The entry-level kit starts at $200 and includes a base station, a sensor, motion sensor, a keypad, and range extender. It's a perfect kit for homes with around 1,000 sq ft or less.

For more tech, you'll spend anywhere from $260 to $330, which is perfect for folks with more square feet to cover. Add-ons are affordable, like $30 motion sensors, $35 panic buttons, and even a $35 flood and freeze sensor.

You'll always save more when bundling devices with Ring, and you can check out current promotions on their website. If you are in the military, a veteran, teacher, or the first responder you can also receive a 20% discount on your Ring order!

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Best for No Contract: Abode Home Security



Flexible options

Limited starter kits

DIY setup

Monitoring required for advanced features

Selection of equipment

Don't want a contract? We recommend Abode. There are no contracts whatsoever with Abode, which is perfect if you need something flexible. Abode has a great selection of equipment and is reasonably priced. For example, an outdoor smart camera is $260, and door and window sensors are $32. If you want a DIY option with a focus on smart home compatibility, Abode's a great choice.

Abode's system is simple to install and, thanks to its reasonable prices, easy to customize as well. All devices come paired so it's easy to set up and go. The only monthly fees come with professional monitoring. That means app access is always free and you can view live camera feeds straight from your phone. Without professional monitoring, however, you'll miss smart features. For activity timelines, smart home automation, and geofencing your system, you'll need to subscribe. These features are just quality of life options, but not necessary if you want a no-frills home security system.

Abode Plans and Security Equipment

Kits range from $250 to $500 and allow additions. If you need help selecting equipment, contact Abode; you'll get professional feedback and suggestions.

The standard monitoring plan is just $6 a month. This plan includes home automation support, customer support, seven days of video storage, and on-demand professional monitoring. For $20 a month, you'll also receive everything in the standard plan and professional monitoring with 30 days of video storage.

You can save if you pay annually for protection plans. Usually, Abode will run a promotion on its kits, saving you anywhere from $30-$40 on upfront costs. Abode also offers a 50% discount on your first year of its Pro Monitoring Plan.

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Professional vs DIY Home Security System Installation

Professional installations remove all burdens from you if you are tech-averse or not confident in your abilities. Professionals are also skilled enough to blend cameras and other equipment into your home. The professional is also responsible for testing to make sure equipment works the way it's intended and can even recommend better vantage points for cameras or motion sensors.

The most comforting benefit to professional installations is that you're not handling a techy security setup on your own. You'll have help, someone to ask questions, and support in emergencies. Of course, this is all reflected in the upfront and ongoing cost of a professional security system. Monthly payments, contracts, and cancelation fees are all cons to this continued support. However, If you have a large home, live alone, or just want extra security, the price tag is worth it!

If you live in a small home or an apartment and don't have a large budget, DIY installation systems might be the better choice. YouTube has all the walkthroughs for setup tutorials if you are a tad intimidated by the installation process. However, if you're entirely opposed to setting things up yourself, you can always check with the DIY security brand you bought from if it offers professional installation.

No matter what you're looking for, there's a security system out there that will fit the bill and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Are Home Security Systems Really Worth it?

Based on a report by the University of North Carolina (Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology), 60% of burglars will avoid targeting a home if they know it has any security. The average loss of items in a burglary is $2800, and most systems are a lot friendlier to your budget than that amount. That being said, we believe home security is a great investment for any homeowner.

On top of extra protection from intruders, some alarm systems even monitor for carbon monoxide, water leaks, and fires. Some insurance companies offer lower rates on your homeowner's policy too. Thanks to the extra protection a security system brings, you might qualify for a discount on your payment. (We recommend talking with your provider to see what equipment or alarms you might need to qualify.)

Considering our homes hold almost all of our valuable and sentimental items, ​mostsecurity systems seem well worth the price for the peace of mind they bring. Plus, with plenty of options, you can choose one that's the right fit for you.