The Best Smart Locks and Smart Lock Alternatives of 2022

Lost your keys? Not a problem for these smart security door locks.

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Ever been in a rush and fumbled around with your keys to lock your door? Or worse, left your home and wondered if you locked your door? Worry no longer.

Smart locks allow you to lock and unlock your door with the tap of a button on your phone, or a swipe of your fingers through connection with other devices. Connections could be wired or wireless via WiFi, Bluetooth, or the Z-wave. There are a variety of features that smart locks can offer like automatic locking, retrofitted styles, device compatibility, and much more. Your specific needs will determine what the best smart lock is for you.

Top Home Security Door Locks

  1. Wyze Lock
  2. SimpliSafe Lock
  3. ADT Smart Lock
  4. Honeywell Electronic Door Lock

1. Wyze Lock

Open sesame! The Wyze Lock is probably one of the best things in modern life that just makes sense. This lock opens the door for you, without you doing much (think digital doorman). The technology detects when you're near it and does the job of opening the door at the tap of a button or at the sound of your voice. No more digging through the black hole that is your purse to find your keys.

The Wyze Lock pairs easily with Alexa and other smart automation devices, giving you full control of who goes into your house. A genius feature of this device is that it doesn't lock while the door is open, so there's no risk of being locked out if you quickly take the dog out for a potty break. But if you do, you can easily open it back up by typing in your code. It's wire-free and has a functional backlight that lets you see what you're doing, even if it's pitch black at night.

If you're ready to make the switch, there's no need to break down your door or rip apart your existing deadbolt. The Wyze lock fits into your existing deadbolt and lets you "keep your key" just in case. Installation is super easy — it's only four simple steps, so virtually anyone can do it. But, for a fee, you can have an OnTech professional help with installation if you book an appointment.

2. SimpliSafe Smartlock

What's better than seeing who's at the door through the doorbell camera? Not having to get up to let them in. The SimpliSafe lock is an easy-DIY setup that lets you grant access to your house from almost anywhere. The lock fully integrates with other security devices within the home to create a fully smart home. Its unique and beautiful design makes it accessible to only you, and (more importantly) impenetrable by others.


If someone tries to access your house using the keypad, the smart lock will lock automatically and notify you after several wrong tries. So when you change the code, no wise guy can get into your home using an old password.

3. ADT Smart Lock

There's no leaving out ADT's Kwikset smart lock from this list — it's just ​too​ fantastic. This lock lets you arm and disarm your security system like other locks, but it goes a step further. Because it comes as part of a smart home automation package, it allows you to remotely arm your system and turn on interior lights if you see someone strange approaching your house through a video doorbell or security camera. This feature lets you fend off potential troublemakers from your home even when you're not around. Everything with this lock is programmable, from the arm and disarm times, the automatic locks, custom codes for family members, and the lock's finished surface that will match your door's aesthetics. It's also battery operated which makes it near impossible to be locked out of your home in case of a power failure of any kind.

ADT smart locks use Z-wave technology that employs a 2-factor authentication sequence to keep intruders out after they've tried too many codes to get in. You'll not only be alerted of a possible break-in but if you're on any of their professional monitoring plans, emergency responders will also be alerted and dispatched to the scene. The basic Secure package comes with a smart lock with push buttons, but the Smart and Complete packages offer smart locks with touch keypads. That's just one more way to program your lock according to your tastes. The locks come with a package that's installed by ADT technicians, so don't be surprised with some installation fees when getting your lock (and the rest of the system) installed.

4. Honeywell Electronic Door Lock

In the array of smart locks produced by Honeywell, this particular lock stands out. Its unique design and upgraded features make it better than most. It offers one-time codes — as well as code storage for up to 50 codes — and when they include a "vacation mode" feature, you know that no one is going in (not without your knowledge at least). The lock works well when connected with the Honeywell Gateway for seamless smart home automation. It works via Bluetooth and pairs with your phone to give you full control over who goes in and out from the palm of your hand. It'll also alert you if there's a forced entry (or an attempt at one) i.e., too many failed attempts to open the lock with wrong codes.


The lock is designed to be self-installed and even comes with a drill head to use if the door needs to be drilled into for the lock installation. All instructions for the installation come in the box with the device, and easy enough, all you'll need is a screwdriver.

Alternatives to Door Locks

Prime-Line Security Door

This is a traditional wood-style door that looks classic on the outside but packs a punch on the inside. It's a screen door, so it gives you everything you love about screen doors — the views and the breeze — but with safety. In other words, they can see inside, but can't get in. Prime-Line is well-known for making easy-to-install doors and windows. This door is no different; when you purchase this security door, it comes with all the parts you need to install it yourself, along with step-by-step paper and video instructions. But, if you can't be bothered with installing a heavy door by yourself, you can have a professional come to do it for you.

Viz-Pro Quick Mount

The Viz-Pro Quick Mount door is a steel security door that does everything you want it to do. On the outside, it looks like any old door, but it's made of so much more. Every door comes with a lock, and each lock comes with a fixed number of keys that can't be duplicated. One cool feature of this door is the manufacturer's foresight and attention to detail; each door can be customized to fit the space it's intended for in your house. They have options for the direction the door opens — in or out, left or right. Installation is easy thanks to the instructions that come with the door for you to DIY. Or, you can hire a professional to do it for you. It ​is​ made of steel after all, so self-installation may not be in the cards for everyone. Its hardware is also of high-quality material that previous buyers can attest to so you know you're getting a top-tier product.

What to Look for in Your Security Locks?

For your smart locks, you want to consider lifestyle and connectivity. Would you rather have a completely keyless lock (and risk getting locked out in case of a malfunction), or do you trust your WiFi enough to rely entirely on its connectivity to gain access to your home? There's nothing like a nicely coordinated home automation sequence. Most home security systems come with smart locks as part of the package; even if it doesn't, you want a smart lock that fits seamlessly with your existing system so you get one-touch control of everything. There are different types of locks in the market, but, you want the best door locks for home security that have some or all of these features:


  • Keyless entry (keypad/touchpad), but with an option to use a key because things happen.
  • Strong connectivity to phone or automation hub, to magically command the doors to open without your keys.
  • Programmable access codes, to create custom or temporary codes for residents of the house, short-term visitors, service providers, etc.
  • Smart key that allows you to program/reset your lock for any reason instead of having to purchase a new one.
  • Key fob
  • Ability to sync with other security devices, especially a control panel or hub for full automation, and a video doorbell to visibly see who goes in and out.
  • Strong connection to mobile and record-keeping abilities

Final Thoughts

A door is only as secure as its locking system, and having a smart lock makes it even better. It does more than just lock and unlock the doors. It puts you, the homeowner, in charge of who goes where within your home. When paired with a video doorbell, it even lets you see (and hear) what goes on outside the door, as well.

So, what's most important when you're getting a door and lock combo? How they fit in your home. It's easier (and cheaper) to make sure the new additions fit in seamlessly with the existing conditions. You don't want to start making alterations to what's already there and risk doing more damage to your house than necessary. Instead, select a door that best fits your home and is easy to install. And find a lock to go with it — one that gives you all the perks (tracking, automation, and even professional monitoring if you'd like).

When it comes to security, you want the best. But sometimes, the best is the priciest. That's another reason why we put together this list of unique products that not only are of great quality — your security guaranteed — but will conveniently fit your budget while meeting your standards.


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