Best Video Doorbell Cameras for 2022

Say hello and goodbye to porch pirates with these video doorbell cameras.

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In just a few years, video doorbells have become a common amenity for every homeowner. With these security cameras you can see who's knocking at your door from the office, monitor whose coming in and out of the house, or tell the neighbors cat to scat. All from your smart phone.

The added benefits of security, convenience, innovative features, and reassurance of a safe home are just some of the reasons why an estimated 20 million Americans have installed video doorbells. Wireless options, state-of-the-art cameras, and advanced features give homeowners peace of mind by providing consistent monitoring of the comings and goings of the household. From radar detection to video and audio surveillance to voice control, you'll find the best video doorbell for you on this list.

Top Video Doorbell Cameras

  1. Ring Doorbell Camera
  2. Arlo Video Doorbell
  3. SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro
  4. Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro
  5. Wyze Video Doorbell + Chime
  6. Kangaroo Doorbell Camera
  7. Cove Kami Doorbell

Ring offers a multitude of options for every budget and its easy-to-use design makes it accessible for many homes. Our favorite, though, is the newest generation Ring Video Doorbell that costs $99. The Ring Doorbell Camera System allows homeowners to view who's at the door in 1080p HD. It also has a microphone, video recorder, LED light, and a speaker for two-way dialogue.

Subscription plan options vary, from simply storing motion events to 24 hours of daily footage. The basic plan is $3 a month or $30 annually, covering one camera in one location. The Plus plan is $10 a month or $100 annually for multiple cameras in one area, including a discount for other cameras. Other locations, such as the workplace, require an additional subscription purchase.

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Arlo created its video doorbell to make monitoring your home easier. A wide, 180-degree viewing angle and head-to-toe framing get both visitors and packages in video streaming. The front features a large button for visitors to ring as well as a camera and a microphone for two-way audio. It shoots with HDR video at 1080p resolution, and an extra kit can upgrade it to 4K quality. The camera sets itself apart from similar products with its additional features like emergency calling, a siren, smart notifications, and a one-to-one ratio.


The wireless design (it comes with a rechargeable battery) makes it easy to set up, but note that installation may require help as you'll need to screw a plate into the wall. This Arlo video doorbell camera costs $199 and you can get 30-day video storage and priority support for $2.99 a month with an Arlo Secure subscription.

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The SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro won't waste your time: It has two different sensors in its camera, one that detects human form and one that detects human heat, ensuring you'll only get alerts when it really matters. Compatible with both Android and iOS, the infrared passive motion sensor records any detected motion with a 160-degree wide-angle lens and LED-assisted night vision records footage in black-and-white up to 30 feet. The resolution is a sharp 1080p and the built in microphone allows for two-way conversations using the app's interface.

The SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro costs $169.99. Users need a storage plan subscription to view recorded videos. Videos record once visitors press the button, as well as when any motion is detected. Single-camera Cloud Storage plans start at $4.99 a month for 30 days of video history.

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The Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro offers some of the most comprehensive coverage available for video doorbells thanks to its advanced theft-deterrent features and some of the widest angles for 24/7 footage. Vivnt's deter feature activates both an LED ring and speaker, alerting the thief he's on camera. Daytime video live streams in 1080p HDR, panning in 180 degrees either vertically or horizontally while an infrared sensor allows for night vision footage.


With customizable motion detection users can set their surveillance area so pets or passerby's won't accidentally trigger the system. The Vivint system is also compatible with Alexa or Google for optimal voice control. The Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro costs $249.99 and monitoring packages usually cost upwards of $29.99 per month.

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Hear one of Wyze's almost 20 different ringtones from any room in your home by connecting it to different speakers and outlets in your home like Android or Apple devices via WiFi. The compact doorbell kit is white with an LED panel, recording video at 1080p with daytime video at 20 frames per second and nighttime video at 15 frames per second. There's a microphone and speaker to enable two-way dialogue and once the doorbell is pressed or any motion detected, it captures a 12-second video.

Priced at around $50, this video doorbell has some high-tech features that make it one of the best video doorbells on this list. There's also free cloud video storage, and you can either watch the live stream or the saved video footage. The Cam Plus Plan starts at $1.25 a month and gives enhanced smart notifications and unlimited video recording.

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The Kangaroo Doorbell Camera provides still images that it connects together for choppy motion images, not video, at 480p resolution and a 60-degree angle. It also has nighttime infrared photo capabilities. Installation couldn't be easier, with both a screw mount kit and adhesive backing. Plus, it's battery-operated, so there's no need for external wiring – just three AA batteries. An interior chime lets you know when there are visitors, and a one-way speaker provides audio.


For just under $40 ($24.99 or $39.99 with chime) the Kangaroo Doorbell Camera is perfect for those looking to upgrade their home security on a budget. A free storage package allows for downloads from the cloud for up to 24 hours. An optional Cam Protection upgrade costs $1.99 a month and provides cloud storage for an entire year plus $250 theft and damage. The Kangaroo Complete protection package runs $8.25 a month or $99 a year. It includes a year of cloud storage and other premium features, even an impressive $1000 package theft reimbursement. There's also a security kit feature with 24/7 professional monitoring as well as 90-day activity history, providing text and voice call notifications.

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Chat with your guests or pre-record messages by connecting the Cove Kami doorbell to Alexa for hands-free home surveillance and audio at any time. With a 160-degree wide-angle perspective and 1080p video, see comings and goings with perfect clarity. In addition, six infrareds offer excellent color night vision. The Cove Kami hooks up into the existing wiring, so there's no need to recharge, but you can also use batteries or plug it in via USB.

The Cove Kami Doorbell will cost you $99 and is simple to setup. You can either have a DIY project or one of their HelloTech professionals come out to install the doorbell camera for you. Free six-second storage is included, and you can upgrade to cloud storage. A Kami Shield subscription unlocks the facial recognition feature, which ranges from $2.50 to $10.83 a month. It also unlocks history and eliminates the "cool-down period, meaning you won't miss any alerts or activity.


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Professional vs. DIY Installation

Whether you're a whizz with tools or a complete disaster when it comes to DIY projects, don't worry. Choosing professional installation or to install on your own often comes down to personal preference, depending greatly on the product you choose. Some come with a screw or two, and others, a massive installation package that may seem overwhelming at first. The most important thing is to ask the brand of your selected doorbell if it offers installation, as many brands do.

Do Video Doorbell Cameras Help Prevent Crime?

Security cameras, video doorbells, and home security signs let criminals know you're watching. Simply having these displayed prominently lets them know that your home is protected, and they're much more likely to walk the other way.

Criminals do take notice when you take steps to protect your home. According to a study by the University of South Carolina, 83% of criminals said they checked to see if a home has a security system, and 60% said it would change their mind before attempting anything.

Law enforcement's legal use of video doorbell footage is on the rise, and it's helped to identify thieves or other criminals. Knowing this, installing a video doorbell will help criminals think twice about targeting your home. With more than 40% of homeowners reported having packages stolen, many find it valuable to invest in home security measures such as a doorbell camera.


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