Simplisafe Video Doorbell Pro Review 2022

SimpliSafe is a leader in the industry when it comes to home security. Here’s why you should snag a SimpliSafe doorbell for yourself.

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The ​SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro​ has quickly gained popularity with homeowners. And if SimpliSafe rings a bell, it's likely because you've heard that the brand has elevated itself to a global name — recently partnering with Aviva to expand protective tech to homes and businesses around the US and UK. The SimpliSafe system is best known for its rapid growth and expansion in the market throughout 2021 and 2022. Affordable prices, reliable systems, and high-tech equipment like the ​SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pr0​ are just a few of the reasons why SimpliSafe was ranked as our top DIY security system of 2022.

SimpliSafe was created to give homeowners 24/7 security with connected, quality products that are compatible with existing doorbell systems. The company is quickly expanding from doorbell cameras to entire home security systems and tech. These products are at a considerably lower price point than the company's competitors, making this a great choice for new homeowners or renters who want video monitoring capabilities without breaking the bank.

SimpliSafe's full en-suite of tech makes this a quality brand to choose for your next investment into home security. In this article, we're discussing everything that you need to know about SimpliSafe and its related projects to determine if this top choice in home tech is right for you.

What is the SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro?

Blurry drive-by videos are a thing of the past thanks to the ​SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro​. The Video Doorbell Pro's camera is given wide-frame HDR capability, clearly capturing any action that's happening outside your doorstep. The interface then communicates with your mobile device using customized push notifications to keep you in the know. This is all done through the SimpliSafe app, no doorbell chime needed! Motion notifications are tailored to individual human movement only, keeping you focused on what matters. When the device detects human form, the device will start recording and will use its cloud storage, two-way audio, and professional monitoring activation to shine a bright light on the space for advanced person detection.

Beyond the crisp capture capabilities, this handy device is also designed to work seamlessly with any doorbell system. Yes, ​any​ doorbell. This is massive when it comes to home tech, as other doorbell cameras and brands usually rely on expensive installation, additional equipment, and other unnecessary extras. The camera is also equipped with dual sensor technology allowing you to track the heat signature of whoever is at the door, as well as their human form. This keeps your focus where it matters and prevents inaccurate alerts.

The camera also features pan and zoom options, night vision, two-way-talk for easy delivery handling, and smart capacity. When we say smart, we mean SMART. The moment that human motion is captured outside, other SimpliSafe devices in the home begin recording — protecting every room in your home and enabling you to have full visibility at all times. This is an ideal choice if you have a larger home thanks to its connection and integration capabilities, or if you've moved into a new home or apartment. Peace of mind is priceless, and the Video Doorbell Pro offers just that.


Pros and Cons of the SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro

What we like

  • Smart home integration to connect your home in seconds
  • Wide-frame HDR 1080p image capture for high video quality
  • Dual sensor tech to avoid unnecessary alerts
  • Night vision capture capabilities

What we don't like

  • No voice command capability
  • Only offers hard-wire installation option
  • Risk of failure if hard-wire fails with no battery-powered backup option

How much is the SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro?

The SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro is significantly less expensive than its other competitors. The video doorbell is priced at approximately ​$169.99​ through SimpliSafe's website, which allows you to take advantage of the 60-day money-back guarantee. This is the only cost you can expect since there's no central hub required for function or installation fees.

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Installing your SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro

The installation process is often one of the biggest considerations that homeowners have when it comes to selecting a home defense and monitoring system. SimpliSafe stays true to its name, offering a uniquely simple installation process that can be done virtually for your personal health and safety.


To install the SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro, you can meet with a technician virtually and hardwire the device to your pre-existing doorbell connection. The process takes around 30 minutes and doesn't require any type of specialized hardware — you can complete the installation with a single Phillips head security screw and a screwdriver.

While this method is flexible and provides a great opportunity for homeowners to streamline the installation process at a time that suits them, it can pose significant delays for homeowners who don't consider themselves to be hardware savvy — even with the virtual assistance from a SimpliSafe installation pro. When you're determining whether or not SimpliSafe is the correct hardware for your unique needs, consider all elements of the DIY installation process.

Smart Home Automation with SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe was created with ease-of-use in mind and works off of your existing doorbell wiring when you first install the device. If you invest in a full system with SimpliSafe using different products, sensors, and cams, it can easily communicate with the sensors in these products for enhanced viewing capability. In either case, your SimpliSafe product is designed to communicate securely with its application on your smart device and notify you of any human activity detected on your doorstep. You can pair the doorbell or any other component of the SimpliSafe home protection packages with your app in seconds.

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SimpliSafe warranty

Home protection is a large investment, leaving many homeowners feeling unsure about which brand and system option they should pick as the first investment for home defense and monitoring. SimpliSafe understands this and has created purchasing options with the homeowner in mind. Because of this, homeowners are eligible for a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, offering a full refund if you aren't satisfied with the end results. Simplisafe offers full pay for return shipping in the event that you want to return the product to claim your refund.


SimpliSafe recently updated its warranty and procedure in 2022. Currently, all hardware sales are backed with a one-year limited warranty for your SimpliSafe devices. Additionally, if you choose to subscribe to a Standard Monitoring or Camera Only plan through SimpliSafe, this can be extended to a two-year extension on the original provisions of your warranty. That's three total years of coverage all courtesy of the team at SimpliSafe — helping you to complete your purchase in confidence.

The company has also extended these provisions to existing customers as well that signed on before the change took place. If you're an existing customer looking to upgrade your system, or simply wanting to upgrade your warranty, you are able to connect with the 24/7 customer service team to request this change to be applied to your account.

Are SimpliSafe Cameras worth it?

We think so — and here's why. So many new homeowners have entered the home monitoring and digitalization market. In fact, 2020 saw record numbers of new homeowners across a variety of demographics, which continued throughout 2021 showing no signs of stopping. Whether you choose to rent or buy your home or are simply looking to protect the one that you already have, SimpliSafe is a top choice for you based on its affordability alone.

The cam systems are approximately 20% cheaper than other competitors without compromising on quality or customer experience. They're designed with the same ease of use that you would expect with any other large brand and offer sensor and WiFi connection capabilities to other home products and apps. Beyond this, the cameras are technically excellent, using a 1080p HD capture across a wide frame to catch every movement that happens on your doorstep in high video quality. The device also offers night vision capture to give you the best view possible at every moment.


SimpliSafe is the choice for you if you're looking for consistency, excellent customer service, and easy installation processes using tech and wiring that pre-exists in your home. The compatibility is unmatched and is an ideal choice for those wanting low- or no-install tech options for their home security system.

It is also a great option for homeowners on a budget, allowing you to protect your home without worrying about potential failure or digital systems being incompatible with your network — which is often the case with other network-enabled tech.

If you're looking for voice activation capability or more sophisticated or done-for-you integration properties, you may want to consider alternative brands. While the SimpliSafe home security system is innately easy to use, it'll require you to walk through the setup process with your screwdriver in hand and won't respond to your voice command requests.

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Final Thoughts

SimpliSafe has remained at the center of innovation in the home tech space, giving homeowners peace of mind with frequent and relevant updates, easy user experience, and impeccable customer service. The brand knows its demographic well and connects with them via new and engaging partnerships that span globally, protecting homes, apartments, businesses, and other properties around the world.

This commitment to reinvention and innovation isn't so easily found in other brands, especially not at the affordable and attractive price point that SimpliSafe has across all of its products. Also, the easy-to-install setup process and the connectivity across all sensor devices in the home provide great alternatives for homeowners who are looking to save and still want the peace of mind that a quality home tech system provides. With build-your-own home protection bundles or standalone product options, SimpliSafe has made it a point to have the perfect innovative in-home tech for every purchaser in every situation — which is one of the many reasons why we love the company's products and structure.


Is there a monthly fee for the SimpliSafe Video Doorbell?

SimpliSafe offers two professional monitoring plans: the Standard Plan for ​$14.99 a month​ and the Interactive Plan for ​$24.99 a month​. The Interactive Plan allows for full 24/7 monitoring plus unlimited storage for up to 10 cameras, while the Standard Plan offers neither.

What video doorbell cameras work with SimpliSafe?

The SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro is the only video doorbell camera that works with the SimpliSafe system.

Is SimpliSafe or Ring better?

Each has its own benefits. Ring offers a wider variety of video doorbells with some more affordable options. But if you're looking for a video doorbell to pair with one of the best DIY security systems, then SimpliSafe is the better bet.


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