Blink Home Security Review (2022)

This Amazon home security company has you covered for the right price.

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Blink Home Security is a fantastic option when it comes to an affordable and user-friendly security system. The company is proudly owned by Amazon, so customers can feel certain that their smart home security systems are made by the best in the business. Blink Home Security offers simple but trustworthy technology to ensure the safety of your home both inside and out.

Blink Home is one of the most affordable security systems on the market to date, and its compatibility with other Amazon products makes it an obvious choice for consumers — especially those on a budget. There are no subscription or data fees either, making a Blink Home purchase as easy as a one-click buy from Amazon Prime. With multiple, high-quality products that all sync to an app on your phone, Blink offers you peace of mind wherever you go.

Blink Home's security devices are made with high-end technology without the high-end price. Products include both indoor and outdoor cameras, video doorbells, and floodlights, as well as the Blink Solar Panel Mount. With easy DIY installation, Blink Home keeps the setup simple.

All indoor and outdoor cameras include a guaranteed two-year battery life, day and night HD video capabilities, two-way audio, and motion detection. The Blink Mini is a wired, smaller version that has all the same features. The new video doorbell includes chime alerts that go straight to your phone and can connect with Amazon's Alexa.

Blink's battery-powered indoor security camera is designed for easy installation and straightforward use for the utmost reliability. This wireless camera can be installed anywhere in your home — no professional installation required. It's powered by two AA batteries, but with long-lasting battery life, you won't have to change the batteries for up to two years. It includes two-way audio and infrared night vision so you can check on the people in your home day or night.

Blink Indoor seamlessly syncs with the Blink app on your smartphone which acts as the main control hub for your system. It's through the app that you can check on things in real-time, speak through the two-way audio, and connect through Amazon's Alexa. With the Blink Home Monitor app, you can also customize what the camera notifications are so it won't send you a message every time the dog walks by. If you choose to use the Blink Home subscription plan you can save any photos or video clips to the cloud.

This indoor camera is perfect for any homeowner or renter who's ready to up the safety level of their home but may not feel comfortable with a more permanent solution. It's also ideal for the not-so-tech-savvy, as it only requires simple installation and connects with a user-friendly smartphone app. This camera can be purchased on Amazon for ​$79.99​ with all the included perks the website offers like free returns, Prime membership discounts, and more.


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The Blink XT2 outdoor camera stands out from its competitors for a few reasons. Since it's a completely wireless, battery-powered camera, you don't have to worry about any major wires or outlets that need to be nearby in order for it to work. It's as simple as choosing a wall that's near your front door, front yard, garage, or all of the above. Not only is this outdoor camera fully portable, but it's also completely weather-resistant so you never have to worry about damage from the elements.

This camera runs exactly like the indoor camera and includes all the same features like two-year battery life, smartphone app synchronization, two-way audio, live monitoring, day and night HD video, etc. The Blink XT2 is the perfect outdoor camera for anyone who moves homes frequently or doesn't want to pay for a permanently installed home security system. With the ability to move the camera around, you can test different angles to find the best view, or even move your camera to more active locations around the house that you'd like to monitor. This camera can be purchased on Amazon starting at ​$99.99​.

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The Blink Mini security camera takes all the things you love about the indoor camera and shrinks it down into a perfect safety starter kit at an affordable price. Unlike the other cameras, the Blink Mini is a wired, plug-in security camera, but it still includes all the mighty features of the bigger cameras like day and night HD video, two-way audio, and motion detection. It also integrates with Amazon's Alexa.

The 1080p HD video produces great quality for its size, and the footage is easily viewed on your smartphone through the Blink app. The live footage is not continuous on this camera, so it works best to customize the motion detection to ensure any unwanted or unexpected movement is captured. With a free 30-day trial of the Blink Subscription, you can store pictures and video to Amazon's cloud storage. Setup for this security camera is as easy as plugging it in and connecting to your Wi-Fi.


The Blink Mini is the perfect introduction to smart home security. Set it up on the entryway table, in your office, or even your kid's bedroom to keep the people and things you love safe. It's currently available on Amazon for ​$34.99​.

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Installing Blink security cameras is an easy, three-step process, but because the installation is mostly wireless it's essential to perform each step in the correct order. Since the Blink Security app will act as the main hub for your security system, the first thing to do is install it on your desired smartphone device and create an account. For simplicity's sake, you're given the option to synchronize your system with your current existing Amazon account as well.

The next step is to add a Sync Module (provided with any purchase) and create a system for your home security setup. This is where you add all of the devices by using a QR code. There's a process for making sure everything is working correctly before moving on to make sure everything has properly connected with the app. Once all devices are synced up, you'll have the opportunity to rename each camera inside the app so it's easy to switch between feeds.

When mounting the Blink Indoor Security Camera, each of the wireless camera kits comes with a camera mount, a mount riser, and two screws. A screwdriver is good enough to get the job done, but depending on the thickness of the wall you're installing it on, you may save some time by using a drill.


Blink recommends that you test the live feed from your chosen angle before completely installing the camera to make sure you're getting the full coverage necessary for that area. After installing, the mount riser allows you to move and direct the camera if you need to adjust any angle, remove a glare, or troubleshoot anything else.

When mounting the Blink XT2 Outdoor Camera, there is a mounting bracket that is included instead of the mount and mount riser. Motion detection for this camera works best if the movement happens from one side of the camera to the other, rather than movement coming towards it or away from it, so you'll want to keep that in mind when choosing an optimal location for installation. With just one screw and an easy snap insertion, this outdoor camera is one of the easiest security cameras to install. The mounting bracket can be easily adjusted up and down in order to catch the right angle for the camera feed.

The only camera with an even easier installation process is the Blink Mini. After plugging it in and downloading the app, the camera screen will direct you to scan a QR code to sync it to the app. You can add this camera to a home security system already on your app, or give it a separate name. The only things left are to watch for the flashing lights, then connect the camera to your Wi-Fi, and your camera will be ready to go.

Smart Home Integration

All Blink security system devices are capable of syncing up with Amazon's Alexa Smart Home System, making your home that much smarter and safer. Whether you're leaving the house or headed to bed, turning your security system on is now as easy as simply asking Alexa to do it for you.

When you enable Alexa's new Blink Smart home skill, you're able to access all of your camera feeds with just your voice. Alexa devices with this skill include Echo Dot, Spot, Show, Tap, Fire TV, Stick, Cube, and Fire Tablets. As of right now, Alexa is not able to give notifications for motion detection if the camera feed is connected to local or USB storage. This skill is also only available in the US, Canada, and Europe.


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With an easy installation process, simple yet functional devices, and some of the lowest pricing on the market, Blink security cameras are definitely worth the investment. Whether you own your home, rent it, or live in a shared building, keeping your loved ones and your important items safe should be a top priority. Blink is a trustworthy company with a system that makes doing just that a breeze.

From as low as $24.99 and with just one camera, your home is guaranteed to be much safer and carefully looked after. And for just a few hundred dollars, you could have both the indoor and outdoor areas of your home entirely covered.

Thanks to its versatility, Blink security cameras can move right along with you. No professional installation and no permanent implementation means you can easily secure your home with just a screwdriver and a Wi-Fi connection. Users can get the best experience out of this security system by considering camera angles ahead of time. This means you'll have an easier and shorter installation process. It's also essential to connect to the Blink app and to use Alexa to make your life easier.

Blink currently offers two types of warranties: a one-year limited and an extended warranty.

The limited warranty covers all blink cameras, video doorbells, floodlights, solar panels, and sync modules from any typical defects when installed or incurred from daily use. This warranty is good for any repair or replacement including parts or the entire device for the warranty period. It doesn't offer insurance for theft or vandalism, but Blink does offer a free courtesy replacement of any stolen device. The limited warranty is valid on the aforementioned Blinks devices even without a paid subscription plan.

The extended warranty includes all Blink devices within the warranty period and purchased with a Blink Plus Plan. Once the original warranty expires, devices will be covered under the Blink Plus Plan until your subscription expires or is discontinued. Just note that non-Blink devices that Amazon sells are not eligible for the extended warranty.

While you can use Blink devices without a subscription plan, users can get benefits like unlimited cloud video recording, 60-day unlimited cloud storage, live view recording, and photo capture starting at $3 per month per device with the Basic Plan. Just note that the extended warranty is not available with the Basic Plan, only with the Plus Plan ($10 per month for unlimited devices).

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Final Thoughts

Blink security systems are exactly what you're looking for if you want something affordable and functional. Owned by and integrated with a trusted brand, it's easy to add Blink security devices to an Amazon-run smart home. As the company continues to add new features and devices, Blink knows to not stray from its mission of keeping things simple and user-friendly.

While there are security systems out there that offer wireless cameras, and others that easily connect to your smartphone, not many do it all like Blink Home. DIY installation has never been easier, and with a security system that can move with you, you can keep a home in any place safer with Blink.


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