How to Reset a Brinks Electronic Safe

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Things You'll Need

  • Your original passcode

  • Your desired new passcode


Choose a new passcode that is easy for you to remember, but difficult for others to guess.

It is important to change the combination on a safe regularly to prevent anyone from accessing your safe. Resetting the code can keep your valuables secure. For owners of a Brinks safe, the process requires just a few steps. While these instructions are specific to a Brinks 5070 and a Honeywell 2070 safe, they cover all Brinks safes with an electronic lock. Brinks safes with a manual lock are factory-set and can only be changed by an authorized locksmith.



Step 1

Enter your old passcode, followed by the "A" key and turn the handle to open your Brinks safe.

Step 2

Find the red memory button inside your safe. Press and release the button, and your keypad will beep twice and the yellow LED on the keypad with light up.

Step 3

Enter your new passcode on the keypad. Your passcode can be anywhere between three and eight numbers.


Step 4

Press the 'B" key after entering your new passcode. The keypad will beep twice and the yellow LED will again light up.

Step 5

Leave the safe door open and push the safe's handle into the lock position. Wait three seconds for the lock to engage. Keep the door open.

Step 6

Enter your new passcode followed by the "A" key and listen for the lock to click open. Once you hear the lock, turn the safe's handle to verify it will open. If it does not, return repeat the process from the beginning.


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