A reverse peephole allows visitors to see into your home by peering through the small peephole in your door. There are two main ways to create a reverse peephole; install a traditional peephole in the opposite direction or use a spy gadget that reverses traditional peepholes. As of October 2010, these peepholes are available for about $90. Some people view these gadgets as a huge invasion of privacy so use them with caution.

Traditional peepholes allow you to see who is outside the door.

Reverse Peephole

Step 1

Drill a hole through your front door. The hole should be near the eye level of an average adult, about 5 feet, and should be in the center of the door. Use a 1/2-inch drill bit to drill an appropriately sized hole.

Step 2

Clean out the hole using a screwdriver. Scrape the sides of the hole with the screwdriver to remove any shavings or wood chips.

Step 3

Insert the lens portion of the peephole. Traditionally, the lens portion of the peephole goes on the side of the door that faces the street. To create a reverse peephole, insert the lens portion of the peephole so that it faces the inside of your home.

Step 4

Insert the viewing piece of the peephole. This portion should face outside. Push the viewing piece towards the center of the door until it fits tightly.

Spy Gadget

Step 5

Purchase a peephole reverser spy gadget.

Step 6

Set the peephole reverse on the door, directly on top of the peephole.

Step 7

Move your eye towards the viewer and peer through the peephole.