How to Get Rid of Water Moccasins

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The water moccasin's bite can be deadly

Water moccasins move through the water and slither on land with speed and precision, but they can be a very dangerous and sometimes deadly reptile. The water moccasin can be found in most of the Coastal Plain states in the southeastern United States. They are found as far north as Virginia and can be found throughout the southeast, all the way down into Florida. As its name implies, the water moccasin is one of several snakes that are comfortable swimming through the water, but they are able to move around freely on land as well. If you encounter a water moccasin, you'll want to get away from it as soon as possible.

Get rid of the water moccasin.

Step 1

Identify the snake. There are several species of snakes that also live in the water, but they aren't as dangerous as the water moccasin. The water moccasin is typically between 20 and 48 inches long. They are dark green to dark brown in color with darker brown or black markings all up and down the length of their body. The water moccasin is also known as a "cottonmouth." If the snake opens its mouth and you can see the white coloring throughout the roof of the snake's mouth, it is more than likely a water moccasin.

Step 2

Modify the snake's habitat. In order to get rid of the snake, you need to make it less desirable for the snake to come to your property. Remove larger rocks or barriers that the snake can slide under. Cut down heavy brush or hedges that provide cover for the snake. Identify small gaps under decks and seal them, making it impossible for the snake to enter. If all else fails, you may want to install a solid fence around the property to keep the water moccasin from making its way onto your property. You can also look into a commercial snake trap that might ensnare the reptile, but that doesn't guarantee that another snake won't take its place.

Step 3

Call a professional. Once you've identified the snake as a water moccasin and you've determined that you cannot keep the snake from making its way onto your property, call a professional exterminator that is skilled in dealing with snakes. Again, the water moccasin is a venomous snake whose bite can cause severe health problems in humans. While water moccasin's aren't typically aggressive, they will strike if they feel threatened or sense danger. If not treated properly and quickly, a water moccasin's bite can be deadly.


Use caution around any snake that you can't immediately identify as non-threatening.


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