How to Insulate Mobile Home Water Pipes

Mobile home water pipes are prone to freezing during cold weather. The water pipes typically run under the floor of the mobile home in the crawlspace area. In most cases the crawlspace area of mobile homes is not insulated. This non-insulated space does very little to protect the pipes. Insulating the water pipes may take a full weekend to perform, because access to the pipes and the number of them will play a role in the amount of time.

Insulated pipes
credit: Liquidlibrary/liquidlibrary/Getty Images

Step 1

Create access to the underside of the mobile home so you can provide enough light to see and move around the area. Make sure you install the correct diameter insulation for the water pipe. In other words, install only 1/2-inch pipe insulation on 1/2-inch pipe. Using insulation that is too big for the pipe will not create a good, insulated seal.

Step 2

Begin insulation of the pipes at the furthermost point from the crawlspace access area. This way, you will not have to move too far and can work your way out from under the mobile home.

Step 3

Hold the full length of insulation up to the pipe. Cut the insulation to length by using scissors. Apply the first section of pipe insulation by slipping the insulation over the water pipe. The insulation will have a precut slit along its length.

Step 4

Seal the insulation by pulling the two adhesive strips from the pipe insulation slit. Hold the two mating joints together to seal the insulation.

Step 5

Seal shorter lengths of insulation by placing a couple of rounds of duct tape around the foam insulation. The duct tape will also aid in holding the insulation onto 90-degree bends in the plumbing pipe.

Step 6

Run the insulation up to the bottom side of the floor. Leave no gaps in the insulation where cold air could freeze the pipe.