21 Boho Bathroom Ideas That Will Instantly Relax You

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These days, bohemian style can be interpreted in a myriad of ways, but at its core, the interior design aesthetic embodies all that's laidback, world-worn, and a bit eclectic. Boho style can be colorful and maximalist or neutral and minimalist, or any combination thereof, but it always embraces texture and organic elements. In its boldest form, it is colorfully cool, incorporating vibrant hues, layered prints, and an abundance of greenery. Weaving these elements into a bedroom or living room can be a bit simpler than in a bathroom space, which naturally has less square footage to work with. But a bit of intention can help your space sing.


How to be intentional? Start by thinking about all of your bathroom basics as design opportunities. From shower curtains and window treatments to bath mats and toiletries, skip the standard all-white options in favor of something with a little more personality. You may also want to think outside of the box to create unexpected moments, such as a gallery wall or eye-catching mosaic tile and a couple of hanging planters to dress up an otherwise empty corner.

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For minimalist designer Kerry Vasquez, less is often more, even when it comes to bohemian style. "I do think restraint is everything," she says. "Choose one bold boho moment and fully commit to this choice." That could be a statement rug or tile, or in the case of one of Vasquez's recent bathroom designs, a vibrant teal wallpaper in a plant motif. She adds, "Boho can be neutral or can also showcase bold uses of color. However, nature is one of its key tenets, so whether it's nature-inspired wallpaper or the use of natural materials, showcasing a bit of nature is the best way to channel the boho spirit."


Scroll on for 21 inspired decorating ideas that you'll want to recreate in your own home.

21 Vibrant Boho Bathroom Design Ideas

1. Create a wallpaper moment.

One of the easiest and best ways to invite a bold dose of style is through a wallpaper design that can speak volumes. And this is especially true in a small bathroom, because a little goes a long way. On the bohemian front, floral and nature motifs are more or less a mainstay. The powder room in this Venice home by Kerry Vasquez Design is proof of just how transformative a print and bright colors can be.


2. Try open shelving.

While minimalism is all about keeping clutter out of sight, bohemian style takes a more layered school of thought. Instead of stashing your essentials away in a cabinet, consider storage space that allows for display, such as floating shelves. In true boho fashion, filter in decorative objects like candles, bud vases, and greenery alongside your bath towels and other essentials to create a relaxed and welcoming ambiance.



3. Incorporate macrame planters.

This white bathroom by Collective Studio marries bohemian, modern, and minimalist aesthetics to eye-catching effect. We love the restrained use of pattern in the gray and white tile, and the warmth brought in through the brass hardware. Some boho bathroom decor brings it all to life with a woven macrame plant hanger and a pretty shower niche vignette.


4. Add a boho rug or two.

With boho's embrace of all things patterned and textured, rugs are a natural go-to accessory. Typical boho rug types include patterned, natural fiber, sheepskin, woven, Persian, and Turkish varieties. Any of these rug types would work great in a boho bathroom, where having some softness or warmth underfoot, rather than cold tile, can be quite desirable. In this space by A. Naber Design, a Persian rug adds some welcome color to an otherwise neutral space. The use of pattern mixing between the mosaic tile and the rug is another signature of boho style.


5. Don't forget wall decor.

If you have a freestanding tub, you might be struggling with where to store your shampoo and soap. However, this problem actually presents an opportunity for you to get creative with your storage solutions. For example, a compact arched wall shelf, while super practical, can also can make a sweet little design moment — especially if you have a small space. The fact that it's rattan — a hallmark of bohemian style — makes it all the more perfect.



6. Bring on the texture.

This shower design is a great example of the how impactful texture can be in a boho bathroom. The space is covered from floor-to-ceiling in natural materials — flaunting travertine tile on the walls and black pebble tile on the floor — resulting in an alcove that feels very organic and relaxing. The large windows overlooking the verdant landscape, along with a potted plant, make you feel like you are truly one with nature.


7. Swap the hardware.

Outside of decorating with saturated hues and lush greenery, an important aspect of bohemian style is creating a sense of warmth and comfort. In a bathroom, that can be accomplished with the right hardware, specifically by using a luxe brass finish. For example, the creative duo behind The New Darlings used sleek knobs, fixtures, and a matching brass framed mirror to invite warmth into their small boho bathroom.


8. Decorate with dried flowers.

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

The bohemian aesthetic is known for embracing natural elements, and that includes dried florals. The simple arrangement used in this bathroom epitomizes the space's overall modern boho vibe. The amber-colored vase, light wood vanity, and brass fixtures add warmth to the light-filled space and reinforce the relaxed, spa-worthy feel.


9. Corral toiletries in bohemian-inspired baskets.

With its focus on natural materials, boho style is also known for incorporating baskets and other woven elements as room decor. Bins on the floor add appealing texture to a space while also doubling as storage for towels, laundry, or toilet paper. If you're lacking a medicine cabinet, prop a woven container on the vanity and use it to store bathroom accessories and beauty essentials in a beautiful way.

10. Hang some art.

There is no limit to the amount of wall art you can have in a bohemian space. After all, the boho look is all about free-spirited eclecticism. So let a blank wall double as a canvas and fill the area with whatever brings you joy — small display shelves, framed prints, decorative objects, it's all good.

11. Embrace plants on plants.

A boho bathroom wouldn't be complete without some potted plants (it's the more the merrier here), and the trick to making it work is finding creative spots for them. Hang a bunch of eucalyptus around the showerhead for an aromatic bath time experience, install a hanging planter from the ceiling in a lone corner, or prop a pot of trailing greenery atop a cabinet or shelf to create a jungle-esque vibe.


12. Tile it up.

Bohemian style design legend Justina Blakeney knows how to make a statement, and her design ideas are definitely worth recreating. If you're up for a slightly more adventurous bathroom makeover, swap your existing tiles (be it on the floor or the backsplash) with an on-theme alternative. Moroccan, geometric, zellige, and subway bathroom tiles are just a few of the many that would work.

13. Make fringe your friend.

Fringe and tassels are a boho design's best friend, evoking a vibe that's well-traveled and laid-back all at once. On a bath mat, shower curtain, or towel, tassels also add visual interest. In this bathroom by Ginny MacDonald Design, boho meets modern style. The look is simple, but everything is there for a reason, including a cream bath rug with its subtle cozy texture and tassel detailing.

14. Hang a woven light fixture.

One simple way to set a boho tone is with lighting that flaunts a woven design or natural materials, as in this setup by Jenna Sue Design Co. In a space that could otherwise read coastal or Mediterranean, the raffia fixture adds laid-back boho flair. And by the way, this flush mount was a DIY project.

15. Think globally.

To be bohemian is to embrace a world of diverse cultural influences, and so it follows that the aesthetic would favor the same. Think Persian rugs, Moroccan tile, and Southwestern wall hangings. It can be tricky to bring such disparate things together, but this space by Terra Cotta Design Build Co. shows that it can work. Shiplap wall paneling paired with an Indian damask-inspired wallpaper pattern work together seamlessly. The key? A cohesive color scheme, for one, plus balancing more ornate elements with cleaner lines and more negative space.

16. Stencil your floor.

Want the look of a patterned mosaic tile floor but don't have the budget? Interior and DIY blogger Hayley Stuart has given us some major boho flooring inspo with her bathroom remodel. The dreamy space is filled with projects that she tackled herself, but our favorite is the geometric brick red and white pattern on the floor, which she stenciled by hand.

17. Go pretty in pink.

A warm color palette just seems to work in a boho space. For example, in this bathroom — which is part of a rental property known as the Villas by Bilinga Beach Abodes — blush-hued ceramic wall tile looks fetching alongside lustrous brass hardware and a honey wood vanity cabinet. A bare white wall gives the eye a welcome reprieve, while the floral arrangement complements the scheme.

18. Add a clawfoot tub.

There's an inherent romance in boho style that's perfectly encapsulated by a vintage clawfoot tub. In this bathroom, a weathered blue-green tub adds an extra dose of charm that we're not mad about, especially when paired with antique suitcases, trunks, and cabinets used for storage. Complete the scene with lush greenery.

19. Bring in warm neutrals.

Organic modern meets boho in this powder bath by Cortney Bishop Design. And with boho's earthy inclinations, it's an easy fit — as is the neutral color palette. To try this at home, consider creating contrast between darks and lights, as demonstrated by the statement wall tile. Mixing metal finishes and natural materials will also add depth and interest.

20. Mix (and don't match) the patterns.

Eclectic design and boho style share a love of mixing and (mis)matching. The pattern combination in this setup by Murphy Deesign exemplifies its aesthetic appeal. As for trying this yourself? First understand that it may require some trial and error. Also take into consideration concepts like complementary colors (as in red and blue) and try to create a mix of larger and smaller scale patterns.

21. Incorporate rustic and vintage pieces.

Pieces that show weathering and wear have the feeling of being collected over time, working nicely within the boho aesthetic. But mixing old and new takes care and requires a good sense of balance. Amber Interiors shows us how it's done in this space, opting to mix newer elements in classic materials and silhouettes with vintage and aged pieces showcasing a similarly timeless look.



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