Boho Bathroom Storage Ideas That Everyone Needs to Incorporate ASAP

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Storage is a key feature to think about when designing any washroom, but if you've got your heart set on a boho bathroom, there are a few characteristics to consider. Boho style is cozy and inviting, and occasionally in direct opposition to more clinical and basic bathrooms. So to achieve that bohemian aesthetic, you'll need to consider warmer tones, a laidback style, and lots of greenery and succulents. These boho bathroom storage solutions will get the rattan ball rolling.


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1. Add wooden storage furniture to your bathroom decor.

Whether you're looking for a vanity or a freestanding cabinet, think about incorporating natural materials and wood finishes into your boho design scheme. Sara of Black and Blooms opted for a bamboo cabinet to store cosmetic items, adding much-needed storage to her small bohemian bathroom makeover.

2. Incorporate cubbies for a boho chic touch.

The original layout of Studio DIY's boho bathroom included deep shelves next to the shower nook (that has the most gorgeous Moroccan-style tiles). And that's the kind of towel storage we can only dream of. They added large woven baskets to the cubbies, but you could also store extra toilet paper, toiletries, and, of course, objets d'art if you're feeling fancy. If you're handy, you could even DIY some built-ins of your own.

3. Opt for double-duty storage in your bathroom design.

If you're lacking square footage in your bathroom, it's vital that you look for double-duty storage furniture. Think stools that function as perches for lotions and vanity units under the sink. The medicine cabinet in the Almost Makes Perfect abode is the perfect addition to the modern boho bathroom; it stores necessities but also functions as a mirror and open shelving for tiny succulents.


4. Hang minimalist bathroom wall shelving for extra storage.

Incorporating open shelving is a great way to add that easy-breezy boho vibe to a bathroom. Choose a natural wooden style as Shannan Leigh did here. Then sprinkle in greenery and a little wall art for a splash of color.

5. Think outside the box.

Don't just look to traditional boho bathroom storage, either; think about the little touches that can make all the difference. Take the towel storage hanger in this chic washroom from Vintage Revivals. It provides a wonderful way to keep textiles neat and tidy, while also creating a hotel-like atmosphere.

6. Don't forget about bohemian baskets.

If, like us, you can't get enough of a good woven basket, you're in luck — they make the best bathroom storage (and you can try crafting your own with our DIY boho basket guide!). Brooke of Nesting with Grace popped a cane number in the corner of her boho chic bathroom. Like her, you can use your baskets for rolled towels, toiletries, or spare toilet rolls. The more the merrier!

7. Makeover an awkward space, and don't skimp on bohemian style.

Lucky enough to be working with a large bathroom? Make like DIY expert Brepurposed, and build a storage nook that also doubles as seating. Her corner unit doesn't have doors, but if you recreate the look you could easily add some hidden storage for all those toiletries that are less visually pleasing. Did someone say spa vibes?


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