7 Industrial Office Ideas That Are Basically Foolproof

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It may come as a surprise to know that industrial style is actually one of the most versatile when it comes to designing your space. While industrial interiors frequently feature durable and hard-wearing materials like metal, wood, brick, or concrete, your home doesn't need to be a loft in a refurbished factory to accommodate the look.


In fact, since this aesthetic is rooted in function and often shows off masculine characteristics and raw materials, it actually makes the perfect juxtaposition to balance interiors with softer features. And while the edgy style works well in just about any space, it is an effortless match for the office — an area designed with function and efficiency at the forefront.

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We're sharing seven foolproof industrial office ideas to help you design a streamlined workstation of your very own.

1. Opt for rustic finishes with clean lines.

If space is at a premium, opt for a modular desk that expands vertically rather than horizontally, allowing you to the make the most of ample wall space. You can even style the top shelves with accessories that double as art.


Get the look: West Elm Industrial Modular 49" Desk, $1,299

2. Add juxtaposition with industrial-inspired lighting.

Even though this room designed by Leighanne La Marre features both vintage accents and traditional furniture, the statement light fixture lends a bold, industrial vibe. Adding gold accents throughout helps the style blend seamlessly from floor to ceiling.


Get the look: Aerin Sommerard Large Triple Arm Chandelier, $1,959

3. Opt for a moody wall color.

Take notes from this industrial office idea by Courtney Davey and add depth with a moody blue accent wall. We particularly love this color paired with camel-colored leather and warm woods for contrast.



Get the look: Sherwin-Williams Mount Etna

4. Add steel accents to a cozy reading nook.

This cozy corner designed by Emily Henderson makes for a perfect space to unwind, catch up on emails, or take a long lunch. To recreate this industrial office idea, bring in a bookcase with steel details to give your space an irrefutable edge.


Get the look: CB2 Helix 70" Walnut Bookcase, $219

5. Bring in interest with pattern.

Industrial style inherently works best with a neutral color palette, but that doesn't mean it has to feel boring. Instead, find opportunities to bring in pattern, like a simple black and white striped rug as seen in this home office belonging to Katie over at Little House of Four.


Get the look: West Elm Bold Stripe Cotton Rug, $30 - $600

6. Style shelves with vintage accessories.

As you can tell from this industrial office idea by Robert and Lauren from Bless'er House, vintage pieces feel right at home with this aesthetic. To get the look, finish off your open shelving by displaying a few thrifted finds, like an old suitcase or typewriter.



Get the look: BrooksawAntiques 1955 Vintage Royal Desktop Typewriter, $189

7. Feature a metal-framed corkboard as wall art.

This metal-framed corkboard pulls double-duty as wall art and a functional piece of decor. Now, with the help of this industrial accent, keeping track of important reminders during the week is a breeze.

Get the look: Restoration Hardware Industrial Rivet Pinboard, $199 - $439



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