DIY Industrial Bookshelf Ideas That You Can Tackle Over the Weekend

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It's often said that the books you read can determine your character, but what about the bookshelf you use? If you're looking for a creative way to display your book collection or if you just need to build something on a budget, a DIY industrial bookshelf could help you bring both personality and style to your home.


Remember the early bird catches the worm, so get cracking on one of these seven DIY industrial bookshelf ideas today!

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1. Take inspiration from high-end stores.

Look to high-end decor resources when you need DIY inspiration. Think West Elm, Crate and Barrel, and Pottery Barn. That's exactly the approach Melissa McCoy took when she decided to recreate the industrial bookshelf she spotted in an expensive interior store. You can hardly even tell it's a DIY!

2. Add color with copper.

Materials such as copper and galvanized steel will always bring an industrial touch to your decor with minimal effort. Ashley of Wildflowers Ranch went with the rose gold metal for her DIY bookshelf, installing the shiny pipes all the way to the ceiling before slotting in dark, walnut-stained shelves.


3. Use reclaimed materials.

Keep your eyes peeled for pallets and any other materials you can pick up on your next walk because this DIY industrial bookshelf can be created for free if you collect enough wood pieces. Self-taught carpenter Jen Woodhouse used rustic pallets to create the base of the shelving before attaching some of the more weathered pieces to the exterior for a textured finish.



4. Plan out your space.

The beauty of creating your own bookshelf is that you can configure the shelves exactly how you want. You don't necessarily need to keep the unit strictly reserved for books, either. Molly of Almost Makes Perfect created two industrial shelving units on either side of her fireplace, planning the space accordingly to fit both books and treasures.


5. Don't neglect the corners.

If you're low on space in your home, a DIY corner bookcase (like this one designed by Ashley of Handmade Haven) will fit perfectly into any small nook. Simply create a hinged ladder structure, and place wood on top to act as your shelves. Ashley painted her structure black, but you could always stain or leave the entire thing natural for a more industrial finish.


6. Use pipes for support.

For the avid readers, this wall of DIY pipe shelves by Gray House Studio could be the answer to all your book hoarding problems. The floor-to-ceiling industrial bookshelf acts as a home library and is complemented by stunning reclaimed wood planks. We love the addition of the mesh storage bins, too.


7. Try floating shelves.

A freestanding bookshelf isn't for everyone, especially if you want to create a minimal industrial aesthetic. So why not try floating shelves? This simple DIY from Momtastic uses sleek boards and plumbing pipes coated with a spritz of Rust-Oleum Textured Spray for contrast.



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