13 Easy DIYs for Your Home That Don't Look Like DIYs

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When we talk about Do It Yourself projects — or DIYs — we often think about tie-dying pillow covers and distressing picture frames. Traditionally, these crafty ventures tend to favor more rustic and shabby chic aesthetics. However, there is an entire community of modern design lovers who also enjoy the occasional challenge of a sleek DIY project. The trick is to find one that looks more like a high-end piece of decor, seen on your favorite design blogger's Instagram, than the result of a productive DIY weekend. The following 13 DIYs are so sleek that your guests will never know you made them with your very own hands.


1. DIY Artichoke Lamp Shade

The crafty foxes behind the blog Design and Paper say that if you can cut paper and glue it together, you can make this artichoke lamp shade. It's basically just narrow triangle-shaped pieces of paper arranged around a circular paper lantern. Get the full DIY here.

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2. DIY Sunburst Mirror Medallion

This glamorous beauty was created using a little spray paint and the sunburst-shaped frame of a wall mirror. The ladies behind A Beautiful Mess call this DIY "a great idea for anyone that wants to create a statement flush mount light on the cheap."


3. DIY Brass Ring Hanging Planter

In case you haven't noticed, hanging planters are all the rage. You may have seen planters suspended by boho-chic woven macrame or those clear acrylic hanging bubble planters <ahref="https: www.hunker.com="" 13425628="" a-balcony-and-hanging-planters"=""> </ahref="https:>at the store, but this clever DIY gem is a unique alternative. The brass rings are a beautifully elegant twist to this timeless classic. Pro-tip: Use faux succulents if you don't get much natural light. Learn more about this DIY here.


4. DIY Rattan Pendant Light

Have you been looking for an excuse to use your jig saw? Well, here is your chance! Thanks to the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the ladies behind The Merrythought, a large hanging rattan lantern found new life as a sweet little pendant light. Whether your home is more of a free-spirited bohemian den or a minimal Scandinavian abode, this lovely DIY fixture will warm it up in no time.



5. DIY Modern Tassel Wall Hanging

This DIY project is an easy and chic way to layer texture and pattern on top of an otherwise empty wall. While tassels can sometimes feel retro or hippie-esque, this example is an exception to the rule. Thanks to the simple yet dynamic design and sleek all-black color palette, the end result is stunningly modern. Read all of the deets here.


6. DIY Beaded Chandelier

If you've ever asked yourself the age-old question, "Where am I going to get a beaded chandelier?" Fret not. A Vintage Splendor's Annette Vartanian has the answer in the form of this fun DIY lighting project.


7. DIY Himmeli Geometric Sculpture

If you step into any shelter brick and mortar, chances are that you'll come across some variation of these swanky geometric sculptures casually displayed as tabletop decor. Lucky for you, Ash and Crafts knows a thing or two about making these golden baubles without breaking the bank.



8. DIY Metal Wall Grid

This DIY is as easy as 1-2-3. Literally. All you need is a metal grid, a little spray paint, and some wall hooks, and you have modern wall decor to display personal treasures and mementos.


9. DIY Beauty Dock

A mirror without a frame is very cool indeed, but adding it to a natural wood beauty dock is next level. This little DIY dock is a unique way to create a portable makeup vanity that fits anywhere and gives you added flexibility. We just love the addition of small round holes to conveniently hold makeup brushes, lipstick, or bobby pins. Check out this DIY here.


10. DIY Marbled Leather Coasters

Why spend $40 bucks on some fancy coasters, when you can make your own? If you aren't acquainted with marbling paint, get into it. These DIY marbled leather coasters look so good you almost don't want to put your drinks on them.


11. DIY Copper Clothing Rack

This copper clothing rack, suspended from the ceiling, saves space, and let's be honest — it just looks really freaking cool. While we wouldn't suggest using this as your main closet, it's a fun and inventive way to organize your wardrobe for the week. This would be a great DIY project to try in a loft or industrial living space.

12. DIY Giant Peg Board

This giant pegboard is an imaginative, not to mention, less expensive way to do wall storage — and bonus, you don't have to buy a complicated shelving unit. This creative DIY pegboard shelving system gives you the ability to customize not only the height, but the width, quantity, and arrangement of your shelves.

13. DIY Faux Marble Countertop

You can completely change the look of your your kitchen by installing marble countertops for about $5,000. Or, you can get a similar look at a fraction of the price. By spending just a few hundred bucks, you can purchase "marble" contact paper for your countertops, and voila! You now have the "marble" countertops you've always dreamed of — at least temporarily, until you can get the real thing.



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