A Geometric Pattern Is Actually a Solid Choice for a Minimalist Room

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The more minimal among us might wonder if there's room for a geometric pattern in their pared-back aesthetic. But if this room by Claire Zinnecker is any indication, then minimalists have nothing to worry about. What's great about shape-filled designs is that they add life to a room without encroaching on square footage. So, don't be afraid to add some dimension to your space — just be sure to do it with thoughtful symmetry. Here, a hodgepodge of patterned pillows aren't overwhelming because they're contained to one area, while a global rug in sunset hues looks satisfying rather than chaotic thanks to its distinct center point. Meanwhile, the surrounding furniture allows for a smooth sightline that keeps the details looking breezy, and the chandelier artfully foils the rug from above with its confident showcase of angles. If you're thinking about completing your living room with bold accessories, a light fixture like this one provides a cool, simplistic balance.

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