How to Build a Temporary Clothing Rack

Whether you have a small apartment with insufficient space or you just have more clothing than you know what to do with, a temporary clothing rack can give you that extra storage space you need. Add a shelf and wheels to the bottom of the rack and you'll have moveable storage for shoes and hanging items. A temporary storage rack is also a handy tool to display your items if you are a designer or entrepreneur with a booth at a local farmer's or flea market.

Build a temporary clothing rack for added storage.

Step 1

Use a circular saw to cut a piece of wood into a 12-inch by 22-inch piece or keep it simple and ask an employee at a hardware store to cut the wood for you at the time of purchase.

Step 2

On the bottom side of the piece of wood, measure 1/2-inch in from each corner and mark your measurements with a pencil.

Step 3

Place your wheels on the pencil marks and drill the wheels onto the wood with screws. Flip the wood over so that you now have a dolly.

Step 4

Place one circular pipe flange on the far left center of the dolly. Screw onto the dolly with a drill. Place the second circular pipe flange on the exact opposite spot on the dolly. Screw onto the dolly with a drill.

Step 5

Gather all three pipe pieces and both elbow fittings. Lay the pieces on the floor to form a "U" shape. The long pieces should be the stands and the small pieces should be the rack. Attach the rack to both stands by twisting the pipes into the elbow fittings.

Step 6

Stand the U-shaped fixture up and twist the bottoms of the stand into the two circular pipe flanges on the top of the dolly. You now have a clothing rack.