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You've stood in front of them countless times, trying to wrap your head around where you can fit one more sweater, a stack of towels, or your collection of umbrellas. It often looks like a bomb exploded in them. And you can't even recall how many mornings you've spent sifting through one trying to find an outfit for work in the midst of the chaos. That's right. We're talking about your closets. And we have a feeling that if this sounds a lot like your current situation, you are seriously pondering an overhaul.

If you are indeed thinking about remodeling, congratulations — you've come to the right place. Although your bedroom closet might be causing you the most headaches, we know that these woes aren't limited to your wardrobe. In fact, they're pretty universal, affecting all closets from the linen to the hallway to the pantry closet and everything in between. So put down that pack of plastic hangers, because it's time to get serious about your closet design, and this guide is the perfect first step.


Types of Closets

A decent closet idea is a must in any home if you want to achieve optimal storage. Even if you weren't blessed with Carrie Bradshaw's enviable walk-in design, you can always improve your situation.

Let's start with a few closet types that tend to be real head-scratchers. For instance, a hallway closet can benefit from labels and clear plastic bins for random items that always seem to be without a home. A cleaning closet can benefit from some sprucing up of its own with an organizational system for your go-to supplies and over-the-door storage for brooms and dustpans. A mudroom or entryway closet design requires tough hangers that can handle heavy coats and a shoe organizer.

And then there's the linen closet, which always seems to have towels and bedding all askew. To come up with a basic storage system, integrate baskets and bins to stash and organize small items alongside stacks of towels. Canvas baskets, seagrass bins, and shelf dividers are especially handy in a linen closet. Large items can benefit from equally-large baskets. And don't forget to label, label, label.

The pantry closet could use some love, too. Here, we recommend glass canisters for unpackaged foods, trusty over-the-door organizers, risers for canned goods, and small bins to categorize culinary necessities.

Even your little ones could use a few thoughtful closet ideas for their bedrooms, including the nursery. For your baby's closet, create zones for frequently used items (onesies go here, shoes go there, etc.) to make your life easier each and every day. Drawers are uber-important. And if you have the space, tuck in a changing table to make diaper swaps a breeze.

And then there's the big kahuna: your bedroom closet, also known as the source of most of your closet frustrations. To renovate this space, you may need to start from scratch, turning a small closet into a "walk-in" if you can knock out part of a wall or remove existing doors, utilizing IKEA closet systems (budget-friendly and functional!), or even prettying it up with wallpaper.

And speaking of visually-pleasing details, we recommend a set of gorgeous closet doors to top everything off. But if a traditional closet isn't for you or you just don't have an acceptable amount of closet space, you can always opt for a freestanding option in your bedroom — it's on-trend, and you can enjoy the bonus of everything being within reach.


Closet Storage and Organization

If you're used to stuffing everything in a closet and hoping for the best, we're here with closet ideas that will up your organization game. The first thing you'll need to do is take stock of your space by addressing the following questions: What are you working with? What kinds of organization will work best? What are some creative storage solutions? Luckily, we've already answered these questions for you in a helpful guide.

A small closet design can present its own set of hurdles and will need to be dealt with differently than larger closets. A diminutive setup entails hefty decluttering and carefully-curated storage solutions that include shelving, cubby storage, wire systems, pegboards, and other features. Remember that you can always create an organizational system tailored to your needs through a custom closet design. Although this might be a bit more expensive, it will save you time and headaches as you navigate your closet on a daily basis. You can customize your space with open shelving, glass cabinet doors, drawers, and even a jewelry organizer. This can also include strategically-placed hooks, a staging area where you can choose your outfits, using all of the same hangers, and sorting items by color.

Where to Shop for Closet Must-Haves

OK, so we've mentioned baskets, closet systems, bins, and organizational solutions galore — but where are you going to buy these products? Allow us to point you in the right direction.

The Container Store

As the Holy Grail of closet organization, The Container Store is your one-and-done shop for garment boxes and bins, hangers, shoe storage, shelf organizers, clothes racks, and more.

California Closets

California Closets is tried and true, and for good reason. The company specializes in inventive ways to customize your closet along with accessories that will uncomplicate things, like storage boxes and space-saving hangers.


You can discover plenty of closet ideas through this online marketplace, from decorative boxes and baskets to hanging closet organizers and everything in between.


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