8 Nursery Organization Ideas for Your Baby's Closet

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Welcoming a new baby into the family is joyous, blissful, and, well … hectic, to say the least. You see, babies need a lot of stuff. A surprising amount of stuff. There are the diapers, the teeny, tiny clothes, blankets, bibs, shoes, toys, and anything else your little one might need. And guess what? All that stuff has to go somewhere.


When it comes to simplifying your new life with baby, nursery organization is the name of the game. The best place to start? The closet. Instead of searching for that onesie, you'll know exactly where it is because you've made a label, and they're always in the same spot. You may even be able to slip a changing table with drawers into your closet, too, which will free up valuable floor space for one of those snazzy Snoo bassinets all of the cool moms and dads are talking about.

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Scroll on for eight neat and tidy nursery organization ideas for the closet that will no doubt make parents' lives that much easier.

1. Keep things simple and streamlined.

Unlike your bedroom closet — which, if it is anything like ours, might be stuffed with way too many shoes — a baby's closet should be as streamlined and minimal as possible to make your life easier. That's why it's key to choose a nursery closet organizer or system that's as simple as it gets, like this setup belonging to Liz of Within the Grove that's made up of two rods, a couple of baskets, and some additional bins.


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2. Customize the closet to your needs.

If your home came with builder-grade closets, never fear. You can always customize and add built-in shelving to create better nursery organization. This white and fresh closet styled by Gina of Gina Michele features oh-so-helpful shelving and two rods so everything has a place.


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3. Divide and conquer.

When devising a nursery organization plan for the closet, consider including "zones." Meaning, dedicate areas to certain categories, such as a section for feeding accessories, a section for books, a section for fancy little dresses, etc. It's sure to avoid headaches in the future. This closet organized by Lauren of Bless'er House is a perfect example.


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4. Don’t forget about drawers.

Sure, cubbies and rods are tried-and-true standards in a closet, but what about drawers? If you can, choose a nursery closet organizer that includes drawers — they're ideal for hiding items out of sight and creating additional storage. In this closet, belonging to Kimberly of Eat Sleep Wear, the drawers take center stage amid the other methods of organization.


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5. Make the most of small spaces.

It's totally okay if you have a small closet in your nursery. There are clever ways to maximize the compact space and still achieve peak nursery organization. For example, in this diminutive closet belonging to Robert and Christina of New Darlings, mini drawers, strategically-placed cubbies, and short rods work together to create plenty of room for newborn essentials.



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6. Create eye-pleasing visuals.

We love it when organization is functional ​and​ pretty. If something is pleasing to the eye, you'll likely keep up better with your nursery organization, which will result in a more streamlined daily routine. This closet created by Jenna Sue Design is simply charming, with its pink striped wall, belly basket, and bow-shaped drawer pulls.


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7. Label absolutely everything.

In the world of nursery organization, labels are your very best friend. Purchase chalkboard stickers, which is what Blair did in this closet as featured on Karlie Rae Lang, and get labelling. Use baskets and boxes to categorize shoes, blankets, leggings, hats, and more.


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8. Include handy items.

Remember, a closet can be a lot more than just the rod that comes with it, and you can absolutely include non-traditional items, too, if they will meet your storage needs. For instance, if you have the space, place a changing table with drawers in the closet, along with roomy baskets and even a mirror, as in this organized space put together by Kim and Scott of Yellow Brick Home.

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