14 Colors That Go With Peach

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Image Credit: Maya Marin

When you name off happy colors, you may immediately go with yellow, orange, and aqua. But what about peach? Just looking at this fruit-inspired shade is enough to inspire a grin on anyone's face. Not quite orange, not quite terra cotta, peach lands somewhere between pink and orange, hailing from the warm side of the color wheel. It invokes cheerful, lighthearted, and carefree vibes, showing up in a wide array of interior design styles, from farmhouse to bohemian to modern.


While peach certainly looks spot-on in nurseries and children's rooms, the color has become quite popular in grown-up spaces as well. Many design devotees say that the shade has even replaced millennial pink. People are increasingly incorporating the hue with the help of paint colors, wallpaper, tile, bed linens, throw pillows, and even kitchen cabinetry.

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Peach is a color that's been drawn from beloved destinations around the world. As Jennifer Burt of Mississippi Maximalism says, "Peach-colored stucco has been used in Southern cities like Charleston, Savannah, and New Orleans since at least the 19th century." Designer Mally Skok agrees, explaining that in South Africa during the 1960s, "All the society ladies liked to paint their living rooms [in] shades of peach."


Burt says the easiest way to decorate with the color peach is through paint, and it's the most inexpensive option as well. "Peach walls create a cozy vibe that is ideal for any room but especially entryways, dining spaces, and guest bedrooms," she says. "It is a warm, organic color that casts a peach glow and makes everyone's skin look radiant."

Skok recently painted her daughter's apartment a deep shade of peach. She says that her apartment is now "warm and enveloping" and is "a perfect backdrop [for] her paintings and vintage pieces."


While this all sounds pretty wonderful, how ​do​ you create a flawless palette when decorating with peach? Read on for 14 inspiring color ideas.

14 Peach Color Combinations

1. Peach and Beige

When contemplating a peach color palette, it's natural to gravitate toward neutral shades, like beige, to pair with it — after all, they are safe and visually pleasing. For example, the serene combo in this bathroom by Hive Home looks almost monochromatic since the peach vessel sinks and beige backsplash tile are very similar in tone.



2. Peach and Canary Yellow

If you've been dreaming of a bold color combo, consider pairing peach and canary yellow in your bathroom. We love this eye-catching display by Kerakoll Design featuring a vibrant yellow tub surrounded by peach walls and matching grout for the wall and floor tile. Red and turquoise accents add an extra dose of color and keep the space from reading flat.


3. Peach and Burnt Orange

If you like the idea of marrying two warm colors, then you're going to love this living room design by Dabito from Old Brand New. Here, the designer paired a peach wall color with a burnt orange velvet sofa and a rosy area rug, which all play very nicely with the navy blue pieces of home decor.


4. Peach and Mint Green

Perhaps you'd like to temper down the warmth of peach decor with a cool color instead. In that case, check out this dreamy bedroom by Zoë Feldman. The mint green wallpaper and slate blue headboard temper the peach Roman shades and leopard print ottomans, resulting in a perfectly balanced bedchamber.



5. Peach and Cream

For a no-brainer color combination, look no further than peach and cream. In this minimalist kitchen design belonging to Laura of Another Flat and showcased on My Scandinavian Home, you can see how beautifully the two shades work together. Complete the idyllic scene with a handful of lush greenery.


6. Peach and Brown

We've already established that light neutrals, like cream and beige, work quite well with the color peach, but what about darker shades, such as brown? Well, this stunning kitchen design by Studio Palomino pretty much answers that question. In this setup, white upper cabinets and black and white flooring temper the warm color combo, while mixed metal finishes add a hint of sparkle.


7. Peach and White

If you want your soft peach decor to stand out, there's only one color that will truly allow it to be the star of the show: white. You'll also be creating an incredibly airy color palette by pairing these two hues. Awash in peach and white with a few earthy accents mixed in for an anchoring effect, Van of Fleur Maison has perfected this pastel palette.



8. Peach, Black, and White

If you thought peach, black, and white couldn't possibly go together, think again. This vibrant bathroom by Black Lacquer Design proves that the contrasting duo not only works but also makes a big statement in the process. Ebony accents, such as the floor tile, mirror, faucet, and vanity, punctuate the space and add a little bit of edge to an otherwise sweet hue.

9. Peach and Burgundy

If you want to amp up the drama but black seems a little too severe, consider a jewel tone like burgundy. That's exactly what Kelly of Studio DIY did in her bedroom with the help of peach bedding and an accompanying burgundy-laden vintage rug. If you want to start small, integrate the wine-colored hue with a few accent pillows or a throw.

10. Peach and Mustard Yellow

While there is something to be said about a bright yellow and peach color scheme, perhaps you were hoping for something a little more muted. That's not a problem. Consider a less saturated shade, like mustard yellow. That's what Dabito of Old Brand New did in this retro living room, and the end result is warm, vibrant, and colorful yet feels decidedly less modern.


11. Peach and Gray

When it comes to decorating with light peach, a color that will always look right on time is gray. But don't just take our word for it — we'll let this inviting bedroom design by Tarina from Oh.Eight.Oh.Nine show you how it's done.

12. Peach and Teal

If you really want to add some dimension to your space, what about the color teal? It's guaranteed to be a conversation-starting visual in any room of the house, especially when paired with dark peach. Whether you accomplish the juxtaposition with wall paint or decor, this space belonging to Ladies of Leisure and was spotlighted on The Design Files proves that the combo won't disappoint.

13. Peach and Tan

Searching for a neutral color to go with peach beyond white or beige? Then look to earth tones like tan. It'll certainly add more warmth to your space than white, and better still, it'll result in a desert-inspired palette à la this guestroom at The Proper Hotel by Kelly Wearstler. In this setup, an arched tan headboard and floral wallcovering are the stars of the show while peach baseboards and trim add definition and a colorful pop.

14. Peach and Navy Blue

When selecting the perfect palette, consider the following: Opposites attract. And by opposites, we're referring to the color wheel, of course. The design trick seems to have worked for Faith Blakeney in this Moroccan-inspired navy blue and peach bedroom. Swoon!

Colors That Go With Peach

Image Credit: Maya Marin

Whether you prefer cool or warm tones, you'll be happy to know that peach can work with both sides of the color wheel. The question comes down to: What feeling do you want to evoke in your space? Are you looking for a peaceful bedroom, a bold kitchen, or a warm and inviting living room design? Once you know the direction you'd like to go with your peach palette, deciding which colors to pair it with will be a breeze — just be mindful of the undertones. And in case you need a little extra help, here's a recap of some of our favorites:

  • Beige
  • Canary yellow
  • Burnt orange
  • Mint green
  • Cream
  • Brown
  • White
  • Black
  • Burgundy
  • Mustard yellow
  • Gray
  • Teal
  • Tan
  • Navy blue



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