How to Decorate Around an Olive Green Couch

An olive green couch can be a difficult item to decorate around, especially if you have a small room and already have other pieces of furniture to work into your decorating scheme. However, there are some tips that can guide you to make the best use of your room and your olive green couch, some of which can be easily implemented at a fairly low cost.

Potted green trees complement an olive green couch.

Step 1

Use complementary paint colors in the room like tan, sand and cream; avoid dark colors like brown and black. This is especially important if you have a small room, because too many dark colors will make the room look even smaller.

Step 2

Put green plants in the room. Green plants will balance out some of the dark color while making the olive green couch blend a bit better. In general, any shade of natural green plant will help to open up a room.

Step 3

Install bright lighting overhead or get bright accent lights. Dark colors like olive green suck up light and make your room look darker. If you have a small room, a large dark colored couch can make it look even smaller without proper lighting.

Step 4

Place contrasting, light colored throw pillows on the couch. Try to match colors you have elsewhere in the room. Light yellow, white or off-white and tan colors work well on an olive green couch.

Step 5

Add olive green accents somewhere else in the room. Choose small accessories like leather-bound books on a coffee table, a vase or flowerpot or candy dish.

Step 6

Accessorize your room with bright metals like brass, gold, chrome or polished silver. Light fixtures, switch plates and coffee or end tables often come in these finishes and will help brighten the room and make it feel larger.

Step 7

Hang heavy curtains in the room to keep the couch from fading if the room gets a lot of sunlight. Dark colors are more susceptible to fading than light or neutral colors.