These Mexican-Inspired Tile Backsplash Ideas Are the Antidote to Snooze-Worthy Kitchens

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We're always down for a classic white subway tile backsplash. And neutrals and simplicity continue to have a place in our hearts, but these days, our eyes are drifting over to something fresh for our cook space: Mexican-inspired tile.


We know, we know ... this isn't exactly new. In fact, it's been around for centuries, and it's known for its daring colors and cheerful, floral-inspired designs. But when added to a modern-day kitchen? Now that's something that will turn heads.

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Even though Mexican-inspired tile brims with old-fashioned charm, we think it's just the thing an all-white or contemporary design needs. So if you want to do something bold and unique in your culinary headquarters, we highly recommend that you consider including a Mexica-inspired tile backsplash. Here's how.

1. Match the wall paint to your backsplash.

The Joshua Tree House continually serves us with Southwestern charm, and this warm and cozy kitchen is no exception. We especially adore the delightful Mexican-inspired tile backsplash idea that incorporates both a star and cross shape in two colors that match the adjacent walls and wood details throughout. The result is pure joy.


Get the look: Fireclay Tile Mini Star and Cross in Tusk and Antique, $35 per square foot

2. Bring a pop to a traditional kitchen.

Even if you have a kitchen that you'd consider to be traditional, a Mexican-inspired tile backsplash can still work — and work well. Amid classic details like a marble countertop and navy blue cabinets, this culinary space spotlighted by Fireclay Tile looks complete and visually interesting thanks to a green and blue patterned tile.



Get the look: Fireclay Tile Lugo in Cool Motif, $25/piece

3. Liven up neutrals.

Give those white walls and countertop and wood accents a boost with the help of a colorful Mexican-inspired tile backsplash. Magdalena from Red Poppy Vintage perked up her otherwise neutral kitchen by installing this vibrant and captivating pattern. Complete the look and add additional color and texture by styling your open shelving with an assortment of culinary decor, accessories, and greenery, of course.


Get the look: Avente Tile Melilla Encaustic Cement Tile, $136.56 per box

4. Use it sparingly.

A Mexican-inspired tile backsplash doesn't need to cover the expanse of the wall if you're concerned that too much color and patterning will overwhelm your kitchen. Instead, you can bring in just a touch of it above your cooktop, a look that designer Amber Lewis nailed in this open kitchen.


Get the look: Walker Zanger Fatima Decorative Field in Mezzanotte, $24.30 per square foot


5. Emphasize the look with decorative pieces.

Along with a Mexican-inspired tile backsplash, you can continue to bring southwestern flair to your kitchen with decorative accents. This black and white option in a cook space belonging to Audrey of The Black House on the Corner looks stunning, and it looks even better when paired with an aloe plant, ceramic pieces, and woven baskets.


Get the look: Cement Tile Shop Tripoli, $6.90 per piece

6. Mix together tiles in varying patterns.

One of the cornerstone aspects of a Mexican-inspired tile backsplash is mixing together a multitude of tiles in various patterns and colors. The installation process could be a little daunting, though, so you can always turn to tile stickers to emulate the aesthetic, like these decals seen on Etsy.

Get the look: LoccoStickers Kitchen Backsplash Tile Decals, $20.70 - $230.40



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