9 DIY Bathroom Ideas That Will Make Your Space Look Expensive on a Budget

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When we imagine a luxurious bathroom, marble countertops, heated floors, clawfoot tubs, and rainfall showerheads immediately come to mind. But in reality, more often than not, we're dealing with limited storage options, a serious lack of counter space, and nary a freestanding bathtub in sight. That said, we here at Hunker have seen enough builder-grade (or just plain dated) bathroom transformations to know that it is possible to upgrade the space with some elbow grease and a little inspiration — which, of course, is where we come in.


Ahead, we've rounded up nine of our best DIY bathroom ideas that will have you making the trek to your local hardware store faster than you can say "IKEA hack."

1. Add a Simple A-Frame Shelf

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This DIY bathroom idea is perfect for anyone who owns an excessive amount of lotions and potions. (Guilty.) The slim width of the A-frame shelf acts as the perfect spot for serums, moisturizers, and other skin treatments, so you no longer have to rummage through your makeup bag or cramped medicine cabinet.

2. Upgrade an IKEA Cabinet with Cane

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This IKEA hack looks infinitely more expensive than it actually is, and while it can certainly be used in any room of your house, we love it in the bathroom for extra towel storage and unsightly products that are best tucked away, sight unseen.

3. Hang a Minimalist Shelving Unit

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This DIY shelving unit is an easy and chic way to add a little extra storage to your bathroom while also acting as a backdrop for decor. Clip up a few of your favorite inspirational quotes to start your day off on the right foot, add a small hanging plant, and use the extra shelf space for stowing toothbrushes, salves, and mini toiletries.


4. Install Removable Wallpaper

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Nothing spices up a drab, dated bathroom quite like a burst of color and pattern. Installing temporary wallpaper instantly livens things up and will make any space feel brand-new again.

5. Makeover Your Medicine Cabinet

Image Credit: Jeran McConnel for Hunker

True, you may be the only one who sees the inside of your medicine cabinet, for the most part, but just look at how chic it can be. A simple makeover proves that the devil is in the details and is a reminder of what a big impact even the smallest of DIYs can make in a space.

6. Stash Essentials in Chic Containers

Image Credit: Lucy Akins for Hunker

There's no easier way to make cotton swabs and other utilitarian items feel fancy than by stashing them away in these DIY Scandi-inspired storage containers. Made from inexpensive glass canisters, they're easy and affordable to make while adding a major dose of form and function to your space.

7. Add a Bath Tray to Your Space

Wood bath tray with reading glasses, book, and plants over bathtub

Nothing says luxury like a bubble bath. But when you take it a step further and incorporate a wood bath tray to house your book, wine, and aromatherapy candle, you'll wonder how you ever soaked your cares away without one. Even when the tray is not in use, it's a chic addition to your bathroom decor and offers a place to display your prettiest essentials.


8. Keep Homemade Soap Beside Your Sink

Image Credit: Ana Stanciu for Hunker

Every bathroom needs soap, but this homemade goat's milk option looks more gorgeous sitting on your vanity than your standard liquid soap dispenser. Made from only a few inexpensive ingredients, this DIY bathroom idea proves that luxury doesn't always have to come at a cost.

9. Ditch Your Single Towel Rack

Image Credit: Caroline Burke for Hunker

Damp towels strewn on the floor is the opposite of what we're after, but sometimes a single towel rack just isn't functional enough to keep this faux pas from happening. Enter: a DIY S-hook shelf that adds extra storage for towels and robes, keeping your bathroom floor tidy and your towels dry and fluffy. A win-win!


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