6 Genius Things You Can Do With Leftover Soap Ends

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When you've reached the end of a soap bar, what do you do? Instead of tossing the scraps and calling it a day, consider saving and reusing them. After all, even if a soap bar is too small to use in the shower, it might be perfect for other applications.


Not to mention, repurposing soap scraps will help you reduce waste while saving money. Ahead, check out what to do with leftover soap bars.

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1. Put scraps in an exfoliating soap pouch.

One of the simplest ways to use leftover soap is to store scraps in a soap saver bag. This is a drawstring pouch made of sisal, a fiber from the agave plant. In the shower, you can dampen the soap-filled bag and use it on your body as usual, just like you would a loofah.

2. Create a makeup brush cleaner.

If you love makeup, you'll want to add this quick DIY project to your to-do list. It involves melting soap scraps in water, adding oil, then pouring it into a jar. From there, you can use it to clean and moisturize makeup brushes by swirling them on the soap.


3. Add soap scraps to a bath.

The next time you're preparing a relaxing bath, try grating soap scraps directly into the water. It's a simple, inexpensive way to scent your baths, especially if you're not a fan of bath bombs.



4. Make liquid soap.

Similarly, you can add grated soap scraps to filtered water to make liquid soap. The exact amount will depend on your specific soap, but the goal is to make the water soapy enough to wash your hands. Craving a stronger scent? Try adding a few drops of essential oils that complement the soap.


5. Use soap ends to wash small items.

If you need to wash small items like reusable face rounds or face masks by hand, consider using soap scraps. They'll create just enough lather to clean your goods. Personally, we love using soap ends when washing reusable napkins in the sink.


6. Freshen up your drawers.

If DIY projects aren't your style, consider using soap ends as drawer fresheners. Simply wrap the leftover soap in a clean cloth or place it in an organza bag, then stick it in your drawer. The scent will help deodorize your drawer and keep things smelling fresh.



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