The Products Hunker Readers Loved in 2022

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As each year comes to a close, we love looking back on the content our readers resonated with the most throughout the year. While so many articles, brands, and products struck a chord, there are a few clear standouts from 2022. And since it can be quite interesting to see what other people are shopping for, we always like to share the results with you too. So here you have it — in no particular order, the 16 products Hunker readers couldn't get enough of in 2022.


Video of the Day

Throughout the whole year, our readers responded most strongly to our story highlighting the best dupes for CB2's viral bouclé chair. And of all the lookalikes featured in the article, this one was the best-seller by a long shot.


Interestingly enough, our second most-shopped article was about extendable dining tables, and Castlery's model also topped this list as the most purchased.


3. Best-Selling Budget-Friendly Couch: Steelside Ainsley Vegan Leather Sofa, $369.99

We all love faux leather sofas. This affordable pick was a must-have amongst our readers.


4. Best-Selling High-End Couch: Maiden Home The Muir Sofa, starting at $4,100

Even though it's on the pricier side, people couldn't get enough of The Muir Sofa by Maiden Home. And we understand why — we're equally as obsessed. The Dune was another top seller from the brand.


Dupe stories were huge this year, and the top-selling candle in 2022 was featured in our article detailing the best substitutions for Le Labo's iconic Santal 33 scent.


6. Best-Selling Piece of Cookware: Our Place Always Pan, $145

We may sound like a broken record, but we're just speaking the truth: Our Place sells like hotcakes, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down.


The best-selling cookware set of 2022 is quite a budget-friendly buy, but if you're willing to splurge, the Caraway Cookware Set has also been a fan favorite.


8. Best-Selling Robot Vacuum: iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum, $274

Robot vacuums never seem to go out of style, and this Roomba is far and away the best-seller from our recs.


After reading our editor's review of the kitchen knife that changed her life, you all certainly hopped on board.


10. Best-Selling TikTok Viral Product: Mohawk Finishing Products Fil-Stik Putty Stick, $7.15

We love finding the best viral TikTok products, and a whopping 410 of these hole-filling putty sticks were sold in 2022.

11. Best-Selling Bathroom Product: Public Goods Hand Soap, $6.95

Aesop dupes topped the 2022 charts, and this affordable pick took the number one spot.

Over 1,000 of these have been sold on Amazon alone. Enough said.

For the second year in a row, this game-changing cheat sheet has resonated with our audience like no other.

We're obsessed with our cats over here at Hunker, so thank goodness our readers are equally as obsessed. This play mat had all the crazy cat people sold.

Pups saw an equal amount of love, and this feel-better gel stole the show in 2022.

So many of you tried this macramé wall hanging kit this past year, and we're sure it looks amazing in your home.


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